Sadly the words and opinions of Paul have brought division and a certain degree of racism into the world and
into Christiandom, as Paul was a Jew and favored the Jews in his writing. Jesus struck him down for killing
Christians, and yet saved him as He was a chosen vessel to replace the the fallen apostle.... Judas. Paul was
meant to go to the Gentiles and bring them the light of the gospel that all men can be saved by the Lord.

This Paul boldly and bravely did without regard for his life and safety. And yet Paul always had a twinge of
legalism in him, and zealousness for compliance to Moses laws that the Jews thought would bring them
favor. This zeal kept bringing him back into the concision and into compromise in his writings. And because
of this weakness in compromising, Paul got captured by the religious system and sent off to ROME as a
prisoner. And from there continued to write to the churches he established.

Hence Paul would write things like ....
Romans 11:26 And so all Israel shall be saved: as it is written, There
shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob:  
But all citizens of a
country will not be saved and never have been saved. The Lord has always chosen
individuals according to
their heart and not according to a whole country or according to a whole family. each has to choose as an
individual. This has always been the absolute principle of the Lord.
Everyone must choose HIM.

This is what Jacob did. Jacob choose the Lord and choose salvation and therefore Jacob got called Israel.
The name Israel applies to the individual Jacob who choose the Lord. Israel in prophetic scriptures applies to
individuals that choose the Lord and not to a geographical or political or religious country. yet dumb
Christians have taken many of Paul's references about Israel as if they represent the country of Israel that
was started in 1948. They thinking this country of Palestine, now called Israel is the fulfillment of prophecy.
They thinking they must therefore favor nationalistic Israel in all her political and military dealings. WHY,
because they think naively that God favors Israel, even though the Lord directly says.
Isaiah 40:17 All nations
before Him are as nothing; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity.

Consequently their prophecy is mixed up as well as their current events discernment. They drop all thier
senses, logic, reason and DISCERNMENT  in just favor Israel in whatever she does to her neighbors. Its
partiality and favourtism and racism, in favoring one country over others, and thinking one religious race will
be blessed regardless of how they act, just because of their lineage.

Brethren, the Lord judges all according to their deeds and motivations. None of us get away with anything
with HIM. he does not have favourites and special status for anyone. All must pass the tests of life and all
must follow the laws of love.

Yet using Paul's misquided words, church people favor Israel and favor wars Israel is in or starts. Church
people become nationalistic and patriotic, in sending their kids and others to fight wars which they deem
erroreously to be 'righteous'. This the same as what Muslims teach, and hence these religious wars go on and
on when all wars are obviosuly unrighteous.

Brethren, your geneology does not help you. Israel's geneology supposedly back to the forefathers, does not
help them. Our heritage does not determine our choices, our hearts choose. (SEE
Geneology means
NOTHING) And the Lord judges all, as all are equal before HIM.

Moses knew that all Israel would not follow the Lord, and prophesied directly that there would be
Israels. Its direct prophecy, and has truly been fufilled. This meaning there is no way ALL Israel will be
saved, and that all Israelites are righteous and automatically pure and righteous. We are all the same, Brethren.
The Lord created all people. And the Lord died for all people of all nations. The Lord is not a racist nor a
sexist, nor does He favor any inequality.

So read with discernment, rather than with bias. Read in the Spirit and understand the Lord's principles in the
Spirit of truth. Of course, He is impartial !!! Of course, He has no favorites !!! Of course we all must choose
HIM !!!!

There are no exceptions with HIM. All are under the same rules and He favors no special country or nation or
people. He favors hearts that have love. This is why he sent Paul to the Gentiles, and sent His Light to those
that were in darkness... to bring all into the Light and have a chance to
Receive His LIGHT.
David Jay Jordan
Paul favored Israel, Jesus did not
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