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For those that have just joined this newsgroup, WELCOME..... even if you have arrived here by accident and may not know
what kind of Christian Sex Group, you have entered into. So allow me to focus all of us again on our intent, and ultimate
goal, by reposting an excerpt from the Open Love Christian Community Website, (even though the community itself no longer

Taken from

Paul definately condemns orgies. What about that?

Yes, Paul does condemn orgies or at least the word that is translated that way. Once again some translations are inadequate
and misleading. While the word "orgies" is used in the popular NIV, we find that many other translations including Young's
Literal prefer the words reveling, banqueting, and even rioting. The word has also been translated as carousing or letting
loose. The wild, uncontrolled, violent, and rowdy orgies of Romans were well known in that time.
Paul clearly warned Christians to stay away from those readily available gatherings which dishonored the Lord. Those
meetings often included sexual slavery (involving captured women from distant lands), child prostitutes, and extreme sexual
torture. It is far from what we mean today by consentual, peaceful, group love-making in the name and under the Lordship of

The very word for God's love agape in the plural means "love feast" - SEE
Even many conservative scholars and authors of Greek dictionaries confirm this fact. This was in contrast to the worldly
pagan feasts which involved sexual love but a great deal of hatred as well - with cannibalism, human sacrifice, torture,
bondage, prostitution, and ritual fighting mixed in. Bacchanalia and Roman orgies are merely corrupt imitations, bad
counterfits of group love-making among God's
people - which have existed since the earliest of times. The more modern "love feast" of the Christian was entirely composed
of love and the positive fruits of the Spirit.

              (End of Excerpt)


In other words, our love feasts are kept in control by our love and our respect of the Lord and respect for each other. they
are not riots but focused loving events....... and they can be part of a very focused ceremony or ritual called communion. This
being exactly in accordance to what Jesus told us to do when remembering Him. For in scriptures and in reality, He is our
ultimate lover, our Bridegroom to whom we owe our whole lives and souls for Eternity.

This being the ultimate ritual, sex and UNION between two and then ALL the congregation entering IN. This in mutual
consent and love and under heavy (spiritual) penalities if not done in love. It being an empowerment and not just letting off
steam or somekind of Roman heathen orgy, as mentioned above. Similiar but very very different because of the 'Love of
God'. For again in other research, you will find this ceremony or ritual to be what is described as MAGICK. A sexual magic
of the invisible that creates change on the real world. And so with this, maybe you will better know what we are up to here,
and where we are going.

We're not just a Christian pick up recreational group, but hopefully a research and DO IT group, that focuses in on the
Lord's real power of UNITY, through love between real individuals as they join together as ONE.

Welcome New Members... and please read the past posts to understand more, and to join positively into the discussions.
Thanks for coming, for hopefully you will CUM.

In Jesus' Love

David and Trixie