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Organization of Temple
I was in this beautiful and clean Temple like building with a straight long hallway down the middle, to each side were rooms.. The
doors to these rooms were open and so as I walked I looked in.. The ones on the right side were mainly empty, but the rooms on
the left, had all these people standing in them. They were wearing white gowns  (SEE
Transparent Linen of Saints), with their
hands raised to the Lord. But it was all so orderly, with them in lines and without any confusion at all. Everyone had a place and
all were facing towards the East.

I  proceeded towards the doorway of the Temple, walking down the hallway towards the West, and came to these two huge hinged
doors. The one on the right being closed but the one on the left, was opened. On each side of the doors outside was these two big
Pillars.. (Zechariah 4). There was a porch before the Temple doors and then there was three steps onto a small courtyard.

I looked out and saw all these people on the left side of the Temple inside the Temple walls.. They had come through this small
gate entranceway, as it was the only way to eneter the temple enclosure. The walls were only waist high, but no one would climb
over them. Beyond in the distance, I could see so many coming, not from the West but it seemed the NorthWEST,heading single-
file towards the small gate. There were so many, thousands in my opinion. And yet there was such calm, no rush and no panic, as
they all kept their order. They all seemed to know and sense there would be room for them. There was some people on the right
side of the Temple in the enclosure, but not as many as there were on the left. And yet all, and both sides were facing EASTward,
just as the people inside the temple were facing eastward in these nice organized rows.. (SEE
Lord's Temple Architecture)

There was no confusion, everyone outside seemed to know they had a spot reserved for them and they were just thankful to be
there. They didn’t have gowns as yet, but were just there with raised hands to the Lord. I had the feeling that they didn’t
know each other, and had just come together from all over the world. (SEE
Last Gathering)  No one was turned away at the gate,
but at the gate, I could see two men. The one was dressed normally without any robe and yet the other was dressed in priestly
robes, and carrying a Big Bible and came riding a bicycle of all things..

The priestly one obviously hated the other man, even though the normal looking one was just telling people about Jesus as they
entered the Temple grounds. Yet the priestly one, seemed to despise the normally clad Christian, because he wasn’t wearing
the proper attire and I could hear that he was challenging his authority to teach and instruct these new people in the Temple. I
had the distinct feeling that this antagonistic accusing one was the ‘DEVIL’ (SEE
End-Time King David)

And yet neither of them had the power to turn away anyone at the gate. All that came were going to get IN. It was if they were
called and chosen. And all were going to get in no matter what, even if the devil was trying to discourage them at the
entranceway. They were all going to enter and somehow fill up the whole enclosure. (SEE
144,000) They weren't allowed to come
in two by two or in groups, only individually. (SEE Shepherds Rod Entrance)  I saw men and women both, young, or in their
prime, but none that I would say were old.

No one had to tell them where to go, as they all seemed to know where in the courtyard and in the Temple they belonged. (SEE
Harmonic Circle of the Tribes) They knew where they belonged and just so orderly went there and took their position. It was so
peaceful and organized, and no one seemed worried at all. They were carrying nothing on their backs, no possessions at all, just
the clothes they were wearing.

And strangely on both sides of the Temple or Tabernacle inside the walls of the enclosure, there were two huge PALM TREES
standing with a pool of water to their side. The roots of the palms reaching into the water. They were so healthy and fruitful. I was
sure this was symbolic of how all these people would be fed and cared for. (SEE
Lord shall feed us)

For although I could see the absolute desolation beyond in the countryside beyond, within the enclosure, all was vibrant, green
and growing. (Joel 2). It was a time of chaos, but within all was so nicely organized with no fear, only FAITH.

This is what I saw ... and surely it will happen

Love in Jesus


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