Brethren, you better get away from the erroreous, noxious churchy idea that everything has to be written in black in your new
Protestant Bibles before you will believe it. For there is absolutely no way you are ever going to be liberated sexually until you
have the courage to break away from the past. None of our ancestors had it all written down in black on white for them to believe,
they had to go by FAITH and have courage in what they knew was true and had to be done. They were rigtheous because of their
FAITH not in just believeing in the Lord, but believeing in what the LORD showed them to do.

Our actions are not written in black and white as the church people hope for, because they are petrified of losing their salvation
and so petrified of disobeying the 613 Old Old Old Testament Laws. They demanding in all the self righteousness they can
muster that every thing they do must be backed up by balck and white scriptures.

This because they have not been able to establish the Lord's principles of love and behaviour in their hearts, and because they
can NOT hear from Him in what they can and can NOT do. They are literally frozen by fear and lack of courage.

This is why the majority of them can NOT break away from the church bondage they are under, and become truly liberated from
the dam grip of the church system. It includes all kinds of areas in our lifes as well as our much much freer sexuality. For in
demanding one scripture in black and white rather than scriptural principles that are repeated over and over again in His-story,
parables, prophecy, and throughout the living Word they can make up one verse excuses to negate all the repeated principles of

They get so focused on every sentence of their translated Bibles that they become word twisters rather than believers in the
LIVING WORD. They become Bible theorists rather than living out the freedom that the Lord declared and showed and spoke
about. They are law worshippers rather than livers of the LIVING WORD.

For get your heads together, our ancestors in the past were NOT that sexually liberated. Forget trying to twist a scripture or a
definition to suggest they were sexually FREE. They were NOT. They treated women like HELL, and as second class citizens or
even as slaves and possessions, so don;t tell me that they are our examples.

NO, we are the last chance for the Lord to prove that sexually liberation via equality is possible, helpful and beneficial. Our
brethren in the past have only dreamed of being HERE in the End Time where we NOW ARE. We are the ultimate Christians and
the final climax of all Christianity and Christians. Only we will be truly liberated in sex and in every way before the Lord comes.

And for us to accomplish this we will have to go beyond the norm and believe in the LORD and our experiences and just believe

That's our righteousness. We have to have the balls or ovaries to believe and trust and do what we KNOW in our hearts is
RIGHT. We don't need any churchy one sentence validiation to get us going, for we stand on conviction because of the truth we
know in our hearts. And similarly all the one sentence condemnation scriptures the church people throw at us, will not stop us
from believeing in sexual liberation. Why because we have experienced it. We have heard from the Lord, and we know its RIGHT
when we follow HIM into sexual liberty and all liberties.

Onward Christian Soldiers

Read, know and believe Hebrews 11, as our truly great brethren in the past, didn;t have the things they did, written down in black
and white before them, they just believed and DID IT BY FAITH.


David Jay Jordan
Only Faith Liberates
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