David Jay Jordan's

                     One sided War against America,
                            the Whore of Revelation

CNN reported yesterday, Jan 18, 2000 that the U.S. was again going to violate the SALT Treaty with Russia by
testing an intercontinental missile that would attempt to known down an incoming so-called missile capable of
carrying biological, chemical, or nuclear warheads. They infested 12 billion dollars already in the program even
though it is an open and advertised violation of the nuclear stalemate and balance of power agreed upon by them in
their so-called Treaty with the USSR

Nevertheless, America, which most people can easily see, fits the description of the financial Whore, or city
system of the World based from New York (read Revelation 11-17 etc.) will be fulfilling prophecy by forcing
Russia to develop a first strike  nuclear advantage of their own, so that no retaliation is possible.  Reagan's insane
"Star Wars' was shoot down before but the Americans have insanely started it up, under the pretense of "American
interests"  and possibly to keep the thousands of people employed in their arms industry employed or so they can
supposedly strike first without retaliation. And yet Biblically it seems the tables are turned..

Anyway according to scriptures, Rev 17, & 18 bad Russia gets an electromagnetic weapon developed that can short
circuit electromagnetic communications which guide even the missiles which will make a unilateral, one sided
nuclear war possible. All the USSR and their Anti-Christ leader will have to do is wait for  the political climate and
further insane military aggression before deploying their defensive weapon which allows their offensive weapons to
knock out the 'Whore'  in one hour.

With this time frame, it is easy to understand that the Whore's destruction is not with conventional weapons, but
with nuclear one hour weapons. Similarly this coincides, with merchants and sea captains sailing towards New
York and America's East Coast and seeing the mushroom cloud or smoke from the rising of Jesus judgments on
America, as they reap what they have sown.

The A.C. is obviously no better, and his country is obviously no more righteous, but the Lord deals with Him and
his hordes
AFTER the Tribulation, AFTER the destruction of the Whore. For who can fight the BEAST (the A.C.)
So no wonder the seven toes or seven kingdoms or countries, yield to this war monger who promises a  FALSE
PEACE after he breaks the covenant if all will merely worship Him. Receive His MARK or die.

In my opinion according to prophecy

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