To start with, if you believe in equality of the sexes, ask yourself how many women prophetesses there were in the Old
Testament. And then name them. If you can't name more than one or two, maybe we should ask ourselves
why they weren't that prominent, and why they should be in the End Time.

Was the Lord anti-woman and pro-Patriarchy and pro-Male ? In a sense YES, He was. Women were not equal to men in the Old
testament. They were almost like property in the laws governing them. Men ruled, and dominated, and the Lord even forbid
women from entering into the Temple proper, and had to stay outside on the porch.

But was that an ETERNAL PRINCIPLE of the Lord. Absolutely not, as ALL can enter in through JESUS. To demonstrate this
Jesus first revealed his Messiahship to women FIRST. They recognized him FIRST, and they stayed faithful to him, when all
the men ran and deserted him. He even marrying at least one woman. Jesus loved women, because He created them. And the ideal
ETERNAL Principle is EQUALITY of the sexes, as one complements the other. Two becoming ONE.

So YES, in the Old Testament the Lord did have at least seven women prophetesses. (SEE NEXT POST) But originally the Lord
used more men than women to give out HIS WORD. This should bring you to the realization that NOW, in the End Time, the
Lord will have to compensate for that inequality to equalise the genders, so that ONE of our Two END TIME WITNESSES or
PROPHETS has to be female, and therefore a PROPHETESS.

For the End Time is the last time, the last chance for the Lord to show that He loves women as much as men.... and speaks to
women as much as a man. he has to prove that 'there is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus'. For this was not proven in the
Book of Acts, nor even today as yet. System churches still balk as listening to a woman, they balk at being taught by a woman,
because they still retain old patriarchical indocrination from Paul. paul, saying to forbid women to teach, and suggesting they
keep quiet in the churches.

But in the near future, our two leaders shall be a man and a woman...AN EQUALITY. Two separate and distinct pillars of the
temple. Jachin and Boaz, one male and one female. One on the right, and the other on the left. One our military leader and KING,
whereas the woman will be our spiritual leader, HEALER, teacher, mother, and HIGH PRIESTESS - PROPHETESS.

What do you think ?

Would you males follow a woman ?

Would you females follow a mere woman if she had the Spirit of God and the 'annointing' or would you prefer a male prophet
who looked good but had not the Spirit of the Lord. The choice will literally be ours in the future.
David Jay Jordan
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