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                                                 NUMBER ELEVEN -  11

The Number 11 is the unseen number that co-relates others invisibly from the center. It is the NUMBER of JESUS in Gematria,
because He is the invisable Force behind all of Creation. It can be seen in the graphics of the Hebrew Kabullah, as the invisible
center of the Tree of Life, called Daarth.. And it is for this reason that the dark side conspiracy groups like to use the Number 11
for a date when their nefarious deeds are done, such as 9/11. They wanting to tell their members that they in their invisability to the
majority are controlling the masses and forwarding their goal of world domination. And yet it is the LORD, who is controlling
them, as their numeric value is ZERO

For the Lord also uses the Number 11, for good and to signal His people. Why, this duplication, because they are usurpers and
counterfeiters of the truth. And you have to realize that numbers in and of themselves are not either good or bad, but it’s all in
the way in which they are used and for whom. Numbers are just an expansion of the Lord from His 1 to the MANY, as taught in
'sacred geometry' and Genesis. For as you might have already noticed prophetically, it seems that November 11th, the 11th month
on the 11th day of 2004, seems to have been the starting point of the Lord's
Last 7 years, 7 years after the full 6 1,000 year Cycles
of History, (SEE November 11th Dream and November 11th Prophecy).

But let me make a more mathematic case rather than just a prophetic example of why the Number 11 is so important and why it is
such a 'Factor'  in the Lord's Design. For to start with as the Lord went from 1 to the Many, from 1 - a point, to 2 - a line, to 3 - a
triangle, to 4 - a square, He got to 5 and five creates a
Pentagon star or stars. (The Lord calling us stars if we are aligned to Him And
because this perfect five pointed star shape incorporates the
Golden Section or Phi template of Life. We also being Phi designed as
His Temple as well as his other Earthly Temples such as the Great Pyramid at Giza and the
Eternal New Jerusalem. And these
from architecture and history are sacred places that bridge the gap between the physical realm and the spiritual. .....just as sub
nuclear particles spiral in and out of existence via
Phi spirals.(SEE Spiritual Architecture))

And so what is the resonant harmony of a phi pyramid crystal .. from research it is 33 hertz, which is 3 times 11. 3 being the
number of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) and 11 being that unseen number that controls all the visible creation and
together with 3 makes 33. Hence this is just one of the reasons why the NUMBER 33 is so important as a gateway frequency
between the physical and spiritual. (SEE
Absolute 33 and 33 Confirmations) And this all being confirmed again by the Lord in our
very divine bodies with our electrical-spiritual spinal column of 33 vertebra (SEE
Jacobs 33 steps).

Ahh ....but let's backtrack slightly and notice also that 11 times 2 is 22, and this also connects directly to the spiritual/physical
boundary as their are 22 consonate letters to the Hebrew alphabet. These make words which are vocalized with hidden vowels in
the sacred and divinely inspired Hebrew language. And so 22 directly links to language, and as we should know, the Lord created by
His Word and Words. When He spoke things were created. It can be called 'Logos' or just good old plain fundamental Christianity
or Judaism.

But let's continue on, after 11, 22, 33, to another multiple of 11 ... 55. For here at 55,we come to another Fibornacci number of
expansion 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, to 55 (SEE
Golden Section). And at 55 we get to the Kundalini Number, which just another name for
the sexual charging number of the Lord that runs up our spine at sexual bliss. And this 55 relates directly to the resonant frequency
of granite in the mating room of the King's Chamber. Why, because the stone inner chambers of the King have been measured to be
at 110 hertz. (corresponding also to the frequency at Stonehenge and at other temples)  And 110 hertz is 1/2 of 55 as sex takes 2.
And 11 is a factor of both and all as110 as 11 x 10 = 110. SEE Graphics below ....

But that's not all, for as you go further up the Number Creation chain you will find out that 72 is the
Great NUMBER of the
addition of the Lord's Name, and 11 x 72 equals 792. In other words, His all powerful Name plus the invisible creative power of 11
equals 792. And 792 is the distance of the base of the Great Pyramid, or multiplied 10000 times, its the exact base length of New
Jerusalem at 7,920,000 feet, and used in miles it is the diameter of the Earth at 7920 miles.  Hence 11 is used by Him in invisibly
creating into our physical realm.

Still can't see it, well even the 'Speed of light is correlated to PHI', and as we found out this PHI Template is connected to 33 which
is connected intimately with 11 (SEE
Light Speed, Phi and 33) So 11 corresponds also corresponds to the Speed of light, and when
you grasp that a light beam with the Sun in our Central Solar System also creates a Temple, then the whole usage of 11 might be
more easily seen..(SEE
Tabernacle of the Sun/Son) Why, because the Lord consistently uses the same templates and same factors in
His Design whether in the microcosm or the macrocosm. His Design is totally harmonious together because He alone was the
Creator of ALL. (SEE
Jesus is the Creator.)

And further confirmation can be seen by adding the digits of the Number 11 according to the science of  '............', as you get that its
basic property is the qualities of 2. Why because 1 + 1 = 2, and so the second magnification starts at 11, as its circle of power
above in the graphics shows its 100 numbers are included rather than merely going in steps of an addition by 1's. At 11, is another
plateau that magnifies numbers by 100. This very similar in the way that Phi is an expansion as well of 1.618 to the power of its
number or generation. Therefore when we get to 111 or even 111 hertz we are reaching a whole new realm and magnification. And it
is for this reason why it is called the Gateway to the spiritual. 111 having the properties of 3, because 1 + 1+ 1= 3. hence when we
go from 110 which is the frequency of stone ,THEN we get to the magical 111 hertz level. (This corresponding to the
29th Step of
the Grand Gallery of the
Great Pyramid of the Lord.

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