David Jay Jordan's

        Noah's Ark and the Worldwide Flood

If we are going to talk about the true history of the world, we have to understand the worldwide flood that occurred over
4,000 years ago. (SEE
Forefathers Timeline) It's a geological fact that can be proven thru the geological record and is
scientific rather than merely religious. The fossil record confirms the Flood and all evidence suggests that it did in fact
take place not just locally in the Mid-East but throughout the whole world. Yet it wasn't merely the moisture of the air
falling as rain but the fall of a water layer above the earth, and the release of waters from below that caused it. This, of
course, produced tremendous geological changes, continental movement, including a polar shifting and a change in the
whole weather patterns of the Earth.

And it is because of this, that over 200 different cultures have recorded the Flood in their histories, to document in similar
but different ways this worldwide geological event. Why, because the deluge effected all cultures, as all following cultures
stemmed sociologically from the Mid-East. For from the Gilgamish Epic of babylonians, to the Creation tablets of
Nineveh, to the Rosetta Stone of Egypt, to the stories told among the Eskimos and Indians of North America, all these
cultures knew and passed on their history from the Great Flood. And it is mentioned in most of them that Noah and his
Family were the only human survivors.

And so again it has to be mentioned that Noah's Ark was not a myth but a historical fact and a historical huge boat that
was designed to survive the Flood. (See Genesis 6 ). And from sightings of it still upon Mount Ararat by over 22 people
explorers, locals, and researchers, from Marco Polo to Navara, the evidence still remains. But don't take my word for it, as
you can decide for yourself when considering the undeniable evidence of its existence on Mount Ararat, in eastern
Turkey. A good research book for this would be 'In Search of Noah's Ark' by David Balsiger. Do study and consider it, for
it explains in detail what I need not repeat. And when you catch the significance of this and what it really means, and who
is really in control of the whole world, then your searching will not be wasted in finding out this truth.

Or you can simply read the brief description of this historical event in the Bible, as Moses recorded these events after
first hand conversations with the Lord himself. For archelogically all the other places and events have been confirmed and
substantiated, so why not the Flood and the Ark as well. And it has been by the science of geology. For the great
sedementation you see today is from receeding of the Flood waters. And the fossilization that has remained occurred
because the quick onslaught of the flood caught these animals and plants in conditions that could bring about
fossilization and a record of the greatest geological devastation to ever hit the Earth.It makes sense scientifically and
matches up with the true science we know now, except that much of today's false science rejects this historical fact and
facts because they reject the reasons that brought on the Flood…. which was the rebellion of man against the

It was seeming paradise before the Flood, as the whole world was enveloped in a water shield above that produced a true
greenhouse effect below producing not only the
Garden of Eden but a lush grassslands and tropical gardens from pole to
pole. Temperatures were moderate only varying about two or three degrees and the Earth was not watered by rain
previous to the Flood but only by a gentle mist. Conditions were perfect right from the start of the Lord's Creative
Process. NO creatures evolved and no laws evolved into being, but all cycles and all animals and plants and all conditions
for growth and multiplication were in place right from the beginning or 'Genesis'. (SEE
Creation versus Evolution Board)

Yes, Adam and Eve were literal human beings and Noah was only the seventh generation after them. So when we
acknowledge and understand our true roots from true science and archeology and gain an appreciation of our heritage,
the more we can understand the world as it is today. For when we then tall other events including the future and
will make more sense to us.

In my opinion from true history, archeology, sociology, scriptures and science


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