David Jay Jordan's

            No Footprints on the Moon

Without thinking we have all been programmed into  believing that 'Man went to the Moon'.It was in all the media and it is
taken as a fact, even until today.  But what if we were tricked. What if the whole thing was a hoax, to further American
interests and to promote man's belief in himself . So let's take a look at some of the footprints that were apparrently  
photographed and left on the Moon's surface.

So to start with, look above and you can see graphically a photograph of some footprints on the Moon. Right ? Sorry , not so
!! Why, because, it's absolutely impossible for a foot print to remain on the dust of the Moon or in the dust of the Moon.
Footprints need mositure in order for the soil or dust particles to compress together and remain together. And yet, there is  no
moisture whatsoever on the Moon. Therefore, there is absolutely no way a  footprint could be made by a supposed astronaut.
It is therefore a hoax, an artificial studio shot, to make people believe that a man landed on the Moon.

And yet they have passed these earth-made in their studio photographs off to all the media and educational instututtions for all
the world to see. And I didn't come up with this photo, it is straight from the archives of Yahoo. For  again do look at this
trickery and notice that these footprints are so definite, and right on the surface as if a mold was made rather than an actual step
in three or four inches of moon dust. And if that isn't enough for you, true science had already determined that there should
have been four to eight feet of moon dust on all the Moon's surface. A true astronaut would have sunk deep into the dust even
with the Moon's weak gravity. And yet in the artificial mountain cave where these ''photos" were taken they could only put
three or four inches of dust around their enclosed studio And the  earth dust they scatterred about, obviously had moisture in
it, and could produce footprints for their fraudulent "Hollywood extravanga" to con even the science community. That would
not dare the power OF NASA..

And so even though all the photo's had anomalies, the mainstream scientific community stayed silent about the 'con of
cons'.And NASA could never  explain away all their mistakes with so-called camera angles,  shadowy errors,  lens refractions,
etc. etc.

So Sorry, to those of you who's world will collapse when you realize that men didn't go to the Moon. It was just an American
con, to elevate the spirits of their patriots  with their supposed exploits into space. They needed such hype to bring in more
money for NASA, and to uplift American nationalism. And it worked.

So don't let them trick you with their nationalism, pride, or evolutionary religion either, because their god is not Our God. (SEE
Creation versus Evolution Board) For only in the Creator can we travel to the stars, and even that isn't til later on. So forget
them and false science and hang on to the Lord of Lords

In my opinion

David Jay Jordan
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