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                                       New Jerusalem in the Moon

New Jerusalem is the Heavenly Home the Lord promised to make for us before His departure from His disciples. But will He be
building this most fantastic Temple of All times in outer space far from us, or right here beside us ? There is nothing definitive
about this in scriptures, but we do know that that New Jerusalem descends from the sky and lands here on Earth literally. In
Revelation 21, it states..

“And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem coming DOWN from God out of Heaven prepared as a bride adorned for her
husbandâ€�  (21: 2) “And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain and shewed me that great city, the
Holy Jerusalem DESCENDING out of heaven from God, having the glory of God, and her light was like unto a stone most
precious, even like a jasper stone clear as CRYSTALâ€�.  (21: 11).

Therefore the Lord’s Crystal City descends down from the sky and we are even told its exact dimensions …. “And the
city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breath, and he measured the city with the (golden) reed twelve thousand
furlongs. The length and the breath and the height of it are equal.� (Revelation 21: 16)
. A furlong being 660 feet in length (SEE
Sacred Mile), which means the base sides of New Jerusalem are 12,000 times 660 feet/furlong = 7,920,000 feet or 1500 miles as
1 mile equals 5280 feet.

This is very interesting as the Great Pyramid of the Lord at Giza, also has a factor of 792 as it has base side lengths of 792 feet.
This meaning New Jerusalem is 10,000 times as large a temple as the Great Pyramid. And as we found out New Jerusalem would
also have to have to be a PHI Pyramid, incorporating the Golden Section, as the Phi template is the template the Lord used in
creating life. (SEE
Magic Ratio's)

And seeing we are the ultimate life created by the Lord, we also have been designed after this PHI Template. (SEE
Section and Our Bodies and Made in His Image). This meaning that we and New Jerusalem are harmonious with the same design.
New Jerusalem therefore would have a height from the base of the square root of phi (1.272) times half of its base length of 750
miles equaling 954 miles..

But in Revelation, it talks about the woman or ‘Bride of Christ’ (SEE O.T. Scriptures of Bride)  And there appeared a
great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the SUN, and the MOON under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve
stars. And so we the Bride of Christ who will be eventually living in the ‘bride adorned for the bridegroom’ New
Jerusalem, have the Moon under our feet. Strange parallel, but when you read all the esoteric scriptures about the uniting of the
Moon and the Earth together as if in marriage, it begins to stand out that the Moon is linked to New Jerusalem. And it seems
that the Moon will literally come DOWN and unite with the EARTH.

Mathematically speaking this is actually one of the basis for ‘sacred geometry’ itself. And even PHI can be explained
precisely from the addition or union of the diameters of the Earth with the MOON. 7920 miles for the Earth’s Diameter plus
2160 miles for the Moon equaling 10080 miles, the ratio itself of the Earth to the Total United Union of being the height of a phi
pyramid, 1.272 if 1 is the base.

Are you catching the correspondences yet. If not consider that even the walls of New Jerusalem are stated as being 144 cubits in
diameter (Revelation 21: 17) and because a cubit is 1.5 feet, this means the diameter is 216 feet….. and hence we are back to the
Moon factor of  216.

So let’s just see if New Jerusalem and the Moon via their dimensions fit together. SEE Graphics Below …

And amazingly you will notice that a CUBE of 1500 miles does just fit inside the SPHERE of the MOON of diameter of 2160
miles. In other words, New Jerusalem would fit inside the crust of the Moon. And if the Moon is hallow just like the Earth (SEE
Hallow Earth) then it means we should consider the great possibility that maybe New Jerusalem is being prepared for us right
before our eyes, inside the MOON. Impossible why not ? So rather than fearing the Moon, we can appreciate all of the Lordâ
€™s Creation, Sun, stars, and Moon. It doesn’t have to be evil but can be good and nothing to be afraid of. It merely reflects
the Sun just like we His Bride are suppose to reflect the light of the Son, our Bridegroom.

And once the Lord's New Jerusalem descends down upon the Earth's surface after His Millenium of 1,000 Years, do notice how
it seemingly fulfills all the phi ratio's of His Sacred Geometry in the following Graphics at
New Jerusalem descends to the Earth.
We may not have it exact, but it is sure is convincing with its numbers and ratios, and it sure should give us a whole new
viewpoint when looking at the MOON He created.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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