We know New Jerusalem descends down to Earth after the 1,000 Year Reign of Christ, (Millennium) but where does it land, and
what present day signs did the Lord leave for its placement, that are perfectly aligned to His stars and the rising of the the SON.

Obviously one is His Great Stone Prophecy of Giza.
 Latitude: 29°58'31 N
 Longitude: 31°8'15" E Or 31.13 29.97

And we do know the measurements of New Jerusalem. It is 1500 miles square. And hence 1,500 squared plus 1500 squared =
square root of X ¦.. X being the diagonal of the square, the ridge southeast to northwest of Pyramid called New Jerusalem.

2,250 + 2,250 = 4,500 miles ¦..... Square Root of 4,500 is 2,121.32 miles

If we look up the latitude and longitude of Stonehenge, it is -
Lat 51 deg 10 min 42.35294 sec 51.14 N
Longitude , 1d 48' West or 1.8 W

Then going to

We fill in the two co-ordinates, and it calculates a distance of 2123 miles.

In other words, Stonehenge, if we made our calculations of their latitude and longitudes more precise is exactly the diagonal of a
1500 mile square away from each other. This explaining why, both Stonehenge and Giza, are aligned so well to the earth, and so
precisely to the rising of the SON, and to the rotations of the stars in their cycles. By chance NO, by design.

Both structures being preserved for the last generation to marvel at the precision of the Lord and His Creation.

(More later on the two pillars and the SUN RISING at Stonehenge)

(SEE how this connects up UR, to Jerusalem to Bethlehem, and Petra, our final destination, to Giza and Stonehenge as well as
Easter Island and the Nazca lines at
Great Circle connects Ur, Petra, Giza )
David Jay Jordan
New Jerusalem Cornerstones at Giza and Stonehenge