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 Lets try and connect up more on the Lord's alignment, stars, ramps and sexuality. This strange verse in Exodus states clearly...

Exd 20:24 An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt
sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy
sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will
come unto thee, and I will bless thee.

Exd 20:25 And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt
not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it,
thou hast polluted it.

Exd 20:26 Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that
thy NAKEDNESS be not discovered thereon.

 O.K. so we know we are not to make an image of gold to represent the Lord, and if we make an alter NOT to cut stones in
making one (This the church's violate regularly by having steps going up to their entrance way and altars. It is suppose to be a
ramp. WHY ?)  Why a ramp of exactly 26.3 degrees exactly as in the Grand Gallery of Giza, which also incorporates an exact
Christos Angle of prophecy within. Why, this exact angle ?     SEE
Christos Angle.

 And WHY can were the congregation not to see the balls or penis of the priest walking up the ramp. First, in times past, did He
really go up to the altar with no underwear on. Maybe NO, as why would the Lord say, that he was not to go up stairs that
would cause his robe to go up and down so that someone underneath might see up his robe.  Did the Priest have no underwear on,
because he had to be naked underneath, as a symbol of his making a testament to His GOD. For testicles, and testament are
intimately linked. This is why the servants of Issac swore by putting thier hands on his balls, on His testicles, (Genesis 24: 9) to
testify and swear that they would obey his command and fulfill their sworn testament. SEE   
Testicles and Testament

 The Lord was naked when He gave Moses the Ten Commandment testament, was He not. ? Because Moses actually saw his
magnificient buttocks in passing or as the Bible so discreetly says, his hinder parts.So were they naked beneath, I would suggest
yes, otherwise why would the Lord say they might reveal their nakedness if they walked up a flight of stairs, while having
underwear on. It would make no sense. So they must have been wearing nothing below.

I mean, the Lord was pretty specific about balls in the Old Testament, no man could even enter the assembly unless he had two
of them. Check it out for yourselves. So the Lord literally wanted men to have balls as well as having the balls to obey His
comandments without fear.

 The assembly was not to see the nakedness of the priests because they were probably deemed to sacred and holy for them to
view naked. For as we know nakedness is not sinful but the revealing of the most beautiful and glorious of all creations, and the
most powerful. For again, is this not WHY, Moses was not able to see the Lord naked before Him, because the Lord's naked
body and genitalia would have been just toooo much for Moses to handle. It would have been just to HOLY and BEAUITFUL.
Right ? Right !!! And if you didn't say RIGHT !!! immediately and with passion, then you shouldn't be in this newsgroup and
shouldn't really read further, as soon you will be running away screaming.

The Lord's Body is HOLY, and too BEAUITFUL to behold. The heathen will never see it, it is ONLY to be seen by HIS BRIDE
because she will HONOR IT and APPRECIATE IT and WORSHIP IT. He will reveal Himself completely only to her.  
Lords Temple is Human and Sexual.

And so in like fashion, the priests / priestess bodies are not to be viewed by the mere congregation, it seems, unless they are of
their holiness stature. Someone from below, does not seem to be able to sneak a peek upwards. That's the only reasoning I can see
for the Lord saying they would be uncovering their nakedness before the unwashed and the unholy and the unsanctified.

Maybe the principle has always been priests with priests and priestesses ONLY in full nudity. For maybe this is the reason why
the heavier CUMunions were done only with the initiated, the mature, the priesthood, the priestess-hood under their hoods.
For again, if our bodies are the most powerful when fully NUDE, then was not the processions up the Grand Gallery, done not
just in ceremonial garb, but done totally in the nude. Those within the Pyramid Sacrophagus that was EXACTLY the dimensions
of MOSES ARK, surely were nude as well, as their spirits were meant to be transported thru space and time via the exact
alignment of the stars, so were they not also nude, even if dead.

Nudity maybe humbling and degrading if done in shame before the condescending but maybe NUDITY is power, if done before
our like minded brethren and sisterhood. For nothing is more powerful than the human body, because it was created by the Lord
in His Image and to be the most powerful creation ever designed and ever possible to be designed.

So study the Christos Angle and
Triangle tonight, and we may climb UPwards towards His altar and Throne .... Lord

Onward Christian Naked Soldiers
'Nakedness' on the Ramp