Mystery schools were created to pass on the secrets of the Universe to a select chosen few, so that small minority could rule over the majority.
Why because knowledge is power.  For as Jesus said, If we continue in His teachings then we shall know the truth (the secrets) and these truths
will liberate us and make us free, with the ability and power to make others free. (John 8:31,32)  This is why Egypt and Greece rose from
obscurity, they passed on truths, so how much more should we, Christians pass on the Lord's truths in his type of Mystery School.. We have to
understand what has been hidden.

 The Mystery Schools and secret societies chose symbolism as the ideal  method of preserving their transcendental knowledge. A symbol may
both reveal and conceal, to the truly wise the subject of the symbol is obvious, while to the ignorant the figure remains inscrutable. Thus he who
seeks to unveil the Ancient Secret Tradition of Antiquity must search for that wisdom not upon the open pages of books that might fall into the
hands of the unworthy, but in the place where it was originally concealed.

 This explains why historians know comparatively very little about the Mysteries. Yet it is precisely these Mysteries that shed light on many
historical enigmas, including the sudden appearance of Greek culture in the 7th century B.C., following upon the completely dark 8th and 9th
centuries. Also, the earlier sudden appearance of high civilization in the land of Egypt is connected with the Mysteries.

 In Greece, philosophers and mystics in Ancient Mystery Schools reserved the Mysteries, patterned after a very old design first established in
Egypt. Moses, who the Bible declares, was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians (Exodus  2:10; Acts 7:22), obtained knowledge of the
Mysteries in the land of his birth. Later at Divine command, he initiated the Seventy Elders into the Mysteries (Numbers 11:24) and they
transmitted them orally to the Levites and Elders. After Moses, David and Solomon are regarded as possessing extensive knowledge of the Secret

 Those initiated into this Israelite Secret Tradition distinguished between the esoteric and exoteric expressions of the Mosaic law. This is plain
from the words of Philo, who said that: "The law of Moses is like a living creature whose body is the literal sense, but the soul is the more inward
and hidden meaning, covered under the sense of the letter."

 The Book of Esdras informs us that the Old Testament scribe Ezra dictated to five men, during a period of forty days, books that were to be
hidden and confined to the "wise amongst the people."


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 We have to get wisdom and be wiser than the children of this world, otherwise we will not do great and mighty things for the lord, and we will
Not find the lost sheep of the house of Israel and bring them in before the storm. So we better get going and find people that know about the
Mysteries and that are aligned to the Lord


  David Jay Jordan

PS) We must be FOOLS for Christ, dumb enough to KNOW that all things are possible with HIM.

((((Questioned by a Christian with the posting ......"I'm not into disagreeing, David, but why do we need to study the mysteries of Egypt and
Greece. We have the Bible is that not enough and I don't see any need in studying something that isn't going to help us. If our hearts our right, we
will have all the power we need. Jesus is the Power. We just have to get to know Jesus and not Mysteries. We don't have to dig into other books !
We have to enough to study already.   Sincerely a Christian"))))

Why do we need to study the Mysteries of Egypt and Greece, because they stole it from  the Lord, and we are merely taking it back for the Lord's
purposes away from those that used it wrongly and for their own purposes and because it has to do with our EMPOWERMENT. And as you may
know, Christian, absolute Faith gives POWER, we can have no doubts and fears and all true knowledge dissipates fears and questions and doubts.
It's KNOWING, which is the only way we can receive things from the Lord Right ?

So will this help us, absolutely we need to have more POWER to do the Lord's will in the End-Time when sin does abound, GRACE doth so much
more abound if we have done our homework and had the experience and have the FAITH and KNOW what has been hidden for oursakes.

For YES we need to know Jesus, and His Mysteries , for he said that there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed. But why later, when it wouldn't
help us, but Now when it  will ... but we are told to seek to find, and we have to knock before the door will be opened. We have to do our part and
not just sit back and hope we get instant church faith or instant knowledge or instant glory. It just 'ain't a goin' to happen, so we better get busy.
And study and learn, and try and get experience and witness and win and then witness and win some more until the END.

Love in Jesus ..  

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