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                                                                                     Music of the Spheres

   Pythagorus was taught by the Egyptians that there was ˜Music of the Spheres in the heavenly planetary bodies. This was and is a basis for sacred geometry, not
just between the Earth and the Moon, but between all the planets of our Solar System. Why, because all of the Lords creation has to be harmonic together not just
figuratively but literally. This could not have evolved at random, but if indeed we can show design and exact musical relationships between the planets, then we are
mathematically showing that there had to be a GREAT MUSICIAN designing and playing the chords of these heavenly bodies.

So lets start first with our HOME planet, EARTH which was the center of the UNIVERSE, because the Creator of the Universe was born here physically (SEE
Red Light Shift ). And furthermore Earth is destined to be where the Lord of the Universe places His Eternal Universal Headquarters called New Jerusalem.

Well though research and study, scientists have found out that the Earths Resonant Frequency or Schuman Resonance ranges between 7.8 and 7.83 hertz. (SEE  
Earth Frequency ) This coming about because the Earth starts vibrating with every lightning strike that hits it worldwide. This lightning then traveling through the
crust from the point of contact, encircling the earth with its electrical current, and back to the point of its strike. Therefore at the speed of light, it transverses the
Earths circumference of 24,880 miles (7920 miles diameter x 3.1416 - Pi). Therefore because the speed of light was set by the Lord at 186,000 miles per second (in
correlation with the distance of His Sun/Son to our Earth of 93,000,000 miles. SEE
Tabernacle of the Son), this means that a cycle or one vibration takes .133
seconds. Consequently in one whole second, there would be approximately 7.8 vibrations per second or 7.8 hertz. So there we have the basis for why the Earth has
this basic resonant frequency.

But lets check out the
MOON, and see if our closest planetary body, is musically geared to us by Design. And as we have found out its circumference will dictate
its specific vibrational reading and musical note.

Well, here again, science already knows that the Moon has a resonant frequency of 28 hertz. SEE
)  But for the sake of clarity and consistency, lets see if this actual reading does relate directly to the Moons divine dimensions as created by the Lord. Well, its
2160 miles in diameter, making a circumference of 2160 x 3.1416 = 6785 miles. We divide by the speed of light 186,000 mi/sec and the time for one revolution or
one cycle or one vibration is .036. This meaning that in one whole second, the Moon does in fact vibrate at 28 hertz approximately. Therefore, our method has been
proven to work, meaning the diameters of heavenly bodies give rise to their hertz or musical notes, because Pi and Light speed are constants. Vibrate in the range of
28 hertz. Therefore our method does work for the Moon as well as the Earth.as a planetary bodys resonant frequency is related directly to its circumference which
is a function of its diameter. And so if we bring down the frequency of the Moon from 28 hertz to one octave below it, it would have a frequency of 14 hertz
(SEE Graph). And now we can see if the Moon and the Earth are in tune and harmonic together.

Taking the Earth as A, it being at 7.83 hertz, then 14 hertz would be in the range of the next octave above 7.82 hertz at 15.66 hertz. 14 hertz being 1.79 times as
great as 7.83. Consequently going to the charts for the mathematical ratio of all the 12 musical notes in an octave, we can see whether or not, this multiplication of
higher frequency matches any ratio harmonically. And Lo and behold it does.. as 1.79 is F sharp if A is 1.00. Therefore the Earth would be tuned to A while the
Moon is tuned to F sharp and they are harmonic together. This could easily bring us to the conclusion, that the Moon is not evil as some think out of ignorance, but
benign and helpful if we understand its musical harmony. (SEE
Dont be afraid of the Moon) And besides, when we understand that the Moon and its diameter and
distance from the Earth number 2160, relate directly to time here on Earth, then again it can be shown to be a timing devise of the Lord, just as He wrote about in
Genesis 1. (SEE
Moon and  2160) So no wonder the ancients and down to Earth farmers still plant by the Moons cycles today, and why the Lord had his holy-
days and calendar in accordance to its phases.

These musical ratios of each note, are constant and were created by the division of 1 into 2, via the Vesica Pisces. You could call this a mating or the sexual
reproduction of musical notes, as the Lord created more harmonic tones in total agreement with His Original Being. If wanting to understand this process more fully
consider studying Sacred Geometry and Music. O.k. so from there, Ive taken these generally accepted and mathematical ratios between frequencies and placed them
on the chart below. Ive added the planets and their diameter ratio compared with the earths sacred diameter of 7920. For instance, the planet Venus, is smaller than
the Earth and has an approximate diameter of 7524 miles, but as a ratio to the Earths, Venus is .95. And with a smaller diameter, it would mean its Resonant
Frequency would be 1/.95 or 1.0526 times greater than the Earths, because the distance for Light to travel around its circumference would be that much shorter and
hence increase the number of times it would circumnavigate around Venus in one second. Therefore, we can deuce that Venuss Resonant Frequency is at a ratio of
1.05 times that of Earth. Checking the chart, 1.06 a multiplier or a ratio in tune with 1. So if Earth is 1 and Venus is 1.06, then earth is again at A and Venus is at A

 But lets move outwards to the planets of our Solar System and see if they also are musically harmonic to our EARTH
(From .....
http://www.kidport.com/RefLib/Science/Space/PlanetStatistics.htm )

And similarly going through the surrounding planets of the earth, you would get a chart looking like this. The Musical ratio in column 2, with the ratio of the
lowered or heightened octave of each planets R.F. put in the 3rd column.

Do they match up to musical note ratios. YES. This being absolutely impossible statistically. This could not have occurred unless there was a design from the
MASTER Musician, in making each planet and heavenly body, the right exact size so as to harmonically fit together into his grand CREATION. The planets do
make music together and are literally and scientifically in tune with each other. Evolution played no part in this, as the Lord created them intact and in their orbits
right from the very start. Consequently, no one understanding this ˜Music of the Spheres could possibly deny that there is a God and a Designer to the Solar

The Heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.
There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world.
In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun,
Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber  ... Psalm 19: 1-5

Anyone gazing out into the night sky, seeing the Lords stars and planets and Moon, should hear His Voice and recognize His awesome Power. But if not, He also
can prove to any with a mind, that He alone is the Creator via His numbers and music. This meaning, we ALL are without excuse. No one can claim not to have
been able to know the Lord, for His line has gone out to all the Earth. I mean even the arrangement of the stars in their constellations tells the Messianic Story if our
eyes and minds are OPEN. (SEE
Messianic Story written in the Stars). The whole creation points to Him, whether in the microcosm or in the macrocosm of
heavenly planets.

So we are not alone in the Solar System as all these planets and the Moon and the Sun were specifically put in place for life here on EARTH. And they all can be
played together musically. It may remain a mystery as to how specifically each planet can effect us, but surely each can and does, just as the Moon has a direct
effect on our lives, weather, tides, emotions, and more. And if planets align, then surely their solitary effect is magnified when in combination, just as with laser
alignment. (SEE
Alignment). For again, the Lord uses these heavenly bodies for signs, just as the three wise men mentioned in the Gospels, knew.

If  we place the planets with their notes as a diagram with the Sun as the center of the Solar System it looks like this.

But the even more amazing musical note correspondence is that the Sun has a musical ratio of 1.69 just like Saturn and its rings, and yet it is in the center of the
swirling phi strung out planets rather than just rings. And this F # Frequency is what is said to be involved in levitating stones by the ancients (SEE
F #  Levitation)
And furthermore, it is said that F sharp is the note reached inside the Lords Great Pyramid at Giza. (
F # Key to Kings Chamber).

Is this odd, no because it was as we might have expected. The literal Sun being a parallel to the One and ONLY SON of God. (SEE
Tabernacle of the Sun/Son). F
sharp of the Sun lifting stones, F # of the Son lifting souls in Giza, and F sharp being the central focus and integral part of our literal Tabernacle in the wilderness in
the EndTime (SEE

F # being 740 hertz if A is tuned at 440 hertz. This meaning 74 is harmonic to 44, 37 to 22, and 11, as well as Absolute 33 hertz, the frequency inside a charged phi
crystal like Giza or New Jerusalem. (SEE
29 Steps). But putting all these numbers and concepts together may take a bit more study, nevertheless, the first thing
you might concentrate on is understanding that YES, there is an exact correlation between the planets and our moon with the Earth and its musical.

So like the ancients, we can literally hear the Music of the Spheres if we are in tune with its Creator .. and His name is Jesus.

In my musical and mathematical opinion

David Jay Jordan