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                              Music increases 'Reproductivity'

Even though we all sort of know intuitively that good music puts us in the mood and increases our own personal sexual
reproductivity, did you know that scientifically the same is true.

Plants can actually hear and when placed in an envirorment where good classical music is being played to them, their seeds
are twice as fruitfull as normal seeds or seeds grown in an envirorment of chaos or poor rock music. These experiments are
reproducable and verifiable because the scientists just need to count the original seeds compared to those that sprout and
then graph the results. Good music, or good vibrations even when in the air produces healthy seeds that want to spring to life
and do. The music obviously gets to their very source and their very roots, and permits their abundant growth and

For similiarly if you didn't know it music comes from an Egyptian word meaning to be born or give birth. And there ancient
symbols for numbers included some very graphic sexual reproductive organs of fruitfullness. Yet basically as all the esoterics
learned afterwards the birth comes from two circles combing into one, and producing the vesica pisces, or
Fish Symbol of
Christianity. This is the graphic and real life shape of the female genatilia, the wonderous method by which we are all born.
And from this new note of 3/4 of the original diameter of the original circle, comes the seven note stepping stone of all music
that brings us back to the original octave note on the eighth step. That's why, music feels so good, because it is in harmony
with each of its notes which come from the births of the notes from the vesica pisces. (SEE
Harmony and Chord of

And viola, when all of life including plants hear these tones of beauty and harmony, they react by giving birth as well to their
own kind of music and furtherance of life.

Isn't the Lord's world of science and religion amazingly similiar and beauitfull

In His Scientific Service


Ps. Let's put on the music....
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