Crossing the Jordan
Mount Hermon
Dear Brethren,

In our recent discussion concerning, Mount Hermon both at SSC and POET (prophecy Of the
End Time) and because of Donnie's email. Do have a look at this exact North South Alignment
of the Mountains of the End Time. The southern flowing Jordan River, and where I would
estimate we cross it going eastward. There our prophets obtain the Tabernacle hidden on
Mount Nebo, and we flee further southwrad, or in the shape of a SEVEN past the mountains of
Moab to Edom, We battle at Bozrah, and move onto our place prepared for us by the Lord.
Is this by chance, or by DESIGN. I would say by design and by Plan and by Prophecy.
Do the research, study the maps, study the Prophecy...and do pay special attention to
MOUNT HERMON, and the River Jordan and the perfect alignment symetry !!!

Straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth to life, and few therebe that find it.

Onward Christian soldiers

David and Trixie