Goddess Trixie
Mother's Healing Incense
Allow me to share this experience that I witnessed when I was young, about 6 years old. We lived in this nice fertile land, flat as
far as your eyes could see. It was a tropical valley in the southern Philippines terraced with lush rice fields. It was a beautiful
place. No crimes, no stealing just people living off the land. There was lots of space between individual ‘nipa’ farmhouses.
So our neighbors were a little ways away. All nicely spaced working their own lands. We were one of these people. At this time, I
had three older siblings. We didn't have much but we didn’t ask much, just happy to be alive and thankful

One day my older brother got sick, we thought that was only the flu. But it stayed for days. He was shivering and hot, and
sweating at the same time. My mother looked after him most of the time. We can't bring him to the hospital because we lived too
far away. It would take two hours just to climb up to the mountain and down the mountain and into the valley to get
transportation for him. We couldn’t do that, as my brother was getting worse. For a few days he didn’t improve, no matter
what we give him. He didn’t look good. And he looked at the brink of dying.

Our neighbors stopped from coming and helping us, they said it was a plague and they didn’t want to get it, whatever my older
brother had. So they just never visited us anymore and stopped helping us. My father seemed to always be always. I didn’t
know where he went but he was always gone. So only my mother and I and the other two were helping my brother. My mother
knew that my brother was not getting any better.

So, one day she decided on what she had to do. She asked me to help her and I did. We had to prepare this herbal medicine for him.
She boiled them and then let them cool down. When it was ready she told me to wash him all over with this.
Meanwhile she was preparing something else. So when I finished washing my brother, I went to see her, just in time to watch her
cut some of his nails and some of his hair and a piece of garment from my brother. She put it all into a small bowl, and then poured
some coconut oil into it. She mixed it all together but added one more thing. It was very dark and I knew what it was, because I
used to watch her drying some. She had mentioned before that, it was the ‘gall’ of the fish. She told me it was medicine. This
even though she seldom needed to use it.

She then, added it to what was already in the small bowl. Lighting it on fire. Soon, she blew it out, only the smoke remaining. Then
she told me and the others to stand my big brother up in the middle of the house. But before we propped him up, she laid some
more mats on the floor. While doing this, I heard her saying something. But I couldn’t hear her that well, but I knew she was
praying. She then turned to us and told us to stand my brother in the middle. She spread my brother legs apart a bit then she put
the smoking incense bowl between his legs, she made sure it was straight. In the meantime my two older sisters and me were trying
to steady him, trying to keep him standing.

It wasn’t easy for he was big and could not hold himself up. He is almost in a coma and had no idea what was going on. He
looked as if he was gone. He was very white, his eyes were closed, and his breathing was low. My mother had wrapped him from
head to toe with blankets and a mat. Totally covered, she said to make sure that no smoke escaped. Being small all I could do is to
hold on tight to my brother by one of his legs. I held as much my little hands could. After this wrapping, my mother went around
him, a few times and at the same time, she was saying something, praying something for him. I can't hear her much but I know she
was praying and I was praying as well. We got so caught up in trying to heal my brother, that we totally forgotten him.

He stood there not moving, no emotion, meanwhile my mom she keep on going around clockwise. I don't know how long she did it
but when she was finished, she told us to lay my brother down on the bed. She only took off part of what we wrapped around
him, just enough for air to come in, for him to breath.

Then I saw my mom lay down on the other bed, she seemed so tired, so exhausted and looked like she was sick too. My two older
sisters left me to tend my brother and mother. I was alone. I was scared for my mother and brother but I did not leave them. I
waited so long and then there was movement from my brother. And for the first time in a few weeks since he was sick, he opened
his eyes. I was so happy but all I can do was cry.

Then I heard him said, 'I’m thirsty, I want too drink. I want some water'. So I ran and got him some water to drink. Then he
went back to sleep, I told him to “Open your eyes, don’t go back to sleep.’ But he didn’t listen to me, and so I cried
again. My mother did not stir either, she just lay there. I am getting worried and started panicking because I don't know what to do,
but then my mom moved and slowly got up. She came to my side where my brother lay. She hugged him and she hugged me as
well. She told me that he will be fine and thanked me for watching over him and her. And for not leaving them as my two older
sisters had done. She looked so tired and pale as well, so I asked her if she is O.K. She said. “I’ll be fine. Just a little weak.â
€�  A few days after, my brother was on the way to recovery. He was weak but happy and asking what happened to him. But
my mother just told him to just get better and not worry anymore.

I know this may seem strange to some of you, but this is an experience  that I had kept in me for all these years and never told
anyone before this. Yet I knew someday, I would be able to understand what my mother did. Some how I know but I didn’t
want to tell it to anyone, because I thought no one would believe me. It might be deemed to be witchcraft.
But if thinking about it now, it wasn’t witchcraft, it was all about the power of Jesus and His medicine, His healing power and
my mom’s FAITH. It all combined together because of my mother’s love for her son. Her action was to save my brother.
No one else wanted to help us, as everyone deserted us, afraid that they might get something. So my mother just did what she
could do regardless of the opinions of others. She loved her son and she did all in her power to help her son and that power is

We, parents, all know that we would do everything in our power to help our children so that is exactly what my mother did. God
bless her, for her love and sacrifices, and thank God for her prayers, even if some won’t understand them. Still, in honor of my
mother, I had to write down this healing experience.

God bless you all.

Love Trixie
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