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   The below words in and of themselves might be able to get you to see that Moses, King David and all our brethren in the Old testament were
Christians. But it would have surely helped if you had read the preceeding compositions in the discussion..... as one truth leads to another, precept by
precept. For if there is anything you need to understand in depth and from the heart, is that we are the final people the Lord has entrusted to live
FULLY for HIM. His trusted Bride.

We are the culmination of all people from Adam, through Abraham, through our forefathers, the prophets and through King David and all those of
FAITH til the Messiah came and then afterwards, from the martyrs to all those that have sacrificed and lived for HIM. We are all together and ONE
and shall be ONE together in the wilderness. And we are all CHRISTIANS from the BEGINNING.

Continuing the discussion with Lenben..)

(Forgive Lenben, but allow me to post the following simply because I got it while on your discussion board)

I would suggest that we have to claim our heritage and see our forefathers for the FAITH they truly had because they were Christian right from the
start. Forget Judaism, think Christianity and our great heritage where our forefathers and fore-mothers choose FAITH, OBEDIANCE, LOVE.

Way back with Adam and Eve, they had to believe in the Son to come, to get back into the garden. And this very first prophecy, was about the SON
to come.... who was JESUS. Therefore they had faith in the Messiah to come, no different than us today. Adam and Eve were Christians and so it
went onward through the generations, each individual that believed was a Christian and had faith in the Messiah to come because they knew they were
sinners and needed His redemption through Grace and because of His mercy.

Hebrews 12...

((For salvation is the same for all, of all generations and times. Its always by choice and never by bloodlines or race or nationality.))

But lets go straight to the words of the Messiah Himself, and see if those in the Old Testament were saved through His Salvation. And what better
example than King David of Old. For King David was truly a sinner, in the way he raped Bathseba, and then had her husband Uriah killed. It was a
grievous crime and one in which David and the whole kingdom suffered greatly for. Yet through it all, David believed and became a 'man after the
Lord's own heart.'   See
King Davids Adultery

But who is the Lord ..... JESUS. Who was the Lord to King David ? .... JESUS. Who was the shepherd that lead him through the 'Valley of the
shadow of death' ? ... JESUS.

For as JESUS himself said, He was not the son of David, but that He was David's LORD.

44 David therefore calleth him Lord, how is he then his son?

Read it again, read it in context, and then note that JESUS was before Abraham, Jesus was always present, and was the Son, that Adam believed in
and that all those of FAITH had to believe in because of their shortcomings. All needed the SON, and all had to have FAITH in HIM...and hence were

David sang praises to the SON...Jesus. From the start our forefathers had to have faith in the Messiah to come. Abraham had faith in the sacrifice of
the lamb .... Jesus. Jacob choose the Lord whereas Esau rejected the blessings. Jacob got changed and transformed because he needed HELP and
DELIVERANCE and cried out for it. No different than us, who came after the Messiah was HERE.

Christianity has always been, it didn't just start when the Messiah came physically but was the only way of salvation from the very BEGINNING.
There are not two ways to salvation, only ONE. For there is none other name under heaven whereby we can be saved.... but Christ JESUS. One Son,
one people, and they are called Christians.

King David of Old was our brethren. Moses was our brethren. They without us, perfecting their lifes with our lives of living to the end for the
Messiah would be incomplete. But us with them and they with us as the great cloud over us, can complete the consummation and continuum of the
full heritage of the Lord, from all GENERATIONS. The End Time King David is of course Christian and not Jewish, for he will also be praising the
Lord and Deliverer and Great Shepherd .... JESUS. he will follow the footsteps and pattern of both Moses, and David, and Ezekiel, and Isaiah,
Jeremiah, Amos, and all the other prophets of the Lord before us and before him.

We, Christians are the ultimate fulfillment of FAITH on Earth. We are responsible to the Lord for running the race to the End, for fighting the good
fight of FAITH to the very End. We are not going to fizzle out, and get raptured prematurely, but shall go til the END under the leadership of the
Lord's TWO WITNESSES, His two olive trees. two candlesticks, two leaders ... a king and a high priest. And all of us will be Christians and be ONE.

For with the help of the great cloud of witnesses and all the obedient angels of the Lord JESUS, we have to culminate His-story before the NEW

Moses and King David were 'Christians'