Morphine Doctor in Hell

Allow me at this late stage to start telling some
of Trixie's heavier dreams. Me, I'm not much of a
dreamer and am dead to the world at night, but Trixie
oy being more receptive and in tune as many women
are, got this dream years ago, but it seems now is an
appropriate time to tell it. She dreamed ......


I was in this darkened cavern with a flat table in the center. Around the edges in the recesses were huddled naked people. The
cavern was only about five and a half feet high and yet open to a central view of a dark flame in the middle of a hollow ball.
Nothing could penetrate it but it gave off this dark light that was almost like the light of lava flowing from a volcano. The center
was solid and on fire but gave off so little real light.

We were in shadows and yet I was standing up near the center of this recess, as there were so many recesses inside this hollow
ball all directed towards this central fireball of lava. But into the cavern came this white coated doctor all hunched over with his
medicines. There was a patient on the table and he injected them with his drug. I asked, "What drug are you using?" He replied,
"Morphine, it doesn't cure them but lessens the pain, but the pain is always with them"

He looked so tired and yet had so much work to do that he said ' Never seemed to have an end.' But I felt, he didn't really belong
there but was there only for a time until he learned his lesson. He looked like a real doctor, but was consigned to the fact that here
is where he needed to be, and had to be, because he hadn't healed the way he should have before.

The people were in such pain, but it seemed so futile to take the 'Morphine' that only lessened the pain but never took it away
completely. And then the dream ended.


Joy can retell this dream at will, because it is so sketched into her memory. And so I have written it down for her, as it is so
symbolic of what the Lord says about the 'Worm that never dies'. For if you check out scriptures, this worm from within, just
eats away at those in hell, as if it their memories bringing back where they failed to have compassion on others. And yet even
with a heavy dosage of 'Morphine', the pain doesn't go away, it never really goes away. The worm never dies within, which is so
sad but such a true and righteous punishment in their Hell.

The sun within, (even though I didn't understand it years ago when Joy originally told me) is surely the inner sun of darkness that
reigns in the 'Lord of Darknesses Realm -- HELL' --- His
Hollow Earth (SEE  Russian Prophecies of Hell) The fire sun was there,
and was enclosed just as the 'Lake of Fire' of the bottomless pit must be at the very center of the Earth and burning away into
Eternity. And yet as the Lord himself said to the devils, "If the light that is within thee is darkness, HOW GREAT IS THAT
DARKNESS'. (Mathew 6: 23)

They had their Sun (Son) but it gave off darkness rather than light and everything was so dark and all seemed hunched over
including the doctor. For it appeared as if he was a doctor in his previos life on earth, and knew what he was doing. But still, he
couldn't heal but could only alleviate a little bit of the pain, that was so overwhelming.

He was so tired and depressed about not being able to heal and only able to adminster Morphine, a type of pain killer. It only
numbed his patients senses, just as they were so numb to the feeling and pain of others in their previous life on Earth.

The religion of the world, surely was  just an 'opiate of the people'. Their materialism and false religions had so numbed them to
the real sufferings of real people that now they were imprisoned here to feel the pain, maybe forever or maybe for just a time. For
the doctor seemed to here only for a while until he learned his lesson, and learned to heal rather than just numb the pain.

How significant in my opinion and how true and how frightening to those that know Not the pain that others around them are
feeling, and those that have not compassion on the people in this life that are suffering. For sooner or later they are going to have
to feel the pain, and even MORPHINE can't take it away.

In My Opinion

David for Trixie..

Still we need not go through such torment,  for even though 'The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count
slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should
perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3: 9),  and come to Him and His
Salvation. Deliverance from Hell is just a
prayer away.

Jesus loves you !!
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