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The Moon has a diameter of 2160 miles, and a distance from us of 216,000 miles, a ratio of 1 to a 100. And by the Lords Exact
Design, it appears the same size in the sky to us as the Sun, because the Suns diameter to distance ratio is the same 1 to 100.
The Sun having a diameter of 864,000 miles while being 93,000,000 miles from us. This equality of divine ratios being seen
visually when the Moon passes in front of the Sun in an eclipse.  (SEE
100 Pis in the Sky and Jesus Power of 10).

So we can easily associate the Number 216
with the Moon, and amazingly 216 is also 3 times
Great Number of 72, which is the numeric sum
of the Lords all-powerful Name. Or you might
think of 216 as the addition of the Lords people
number of 144 with His Number of 72, the addition
of the Bride with the Bridegroom, 72 + 144 = 216.
144,000) And where will the Bride
and Bridegroom be spending Eternity together
except in His Eternal Heavenly Tent or Crystal
Pyramid called
New Jerusalem, and its base just
happens to fit perfectly inside the diameter of
the Moons diameter of 2160 miles, because it is
1500 miles square.

And because the Moon and its 216 factor  also connects up with 432, (2 x 216), then a study of 432 is very helpful in
understanding the Moon's harmony with the Earth. (SEE
432 Study Ten Pages). Because the Moon and earth sizes are the basic
geometric STANDARD of Sacred Geometry called the

Because as you might know, musically 432 hertz is the natural central C tuning frequency for the human voice, meaning an
octave below is a lower C at 216 hertz, and below that at 108 hertz, a lower C just below the natural resonance of the granite
stones of most sacred temples of 110 hertz. Theoretically suggesting that we can go from our voice frequency of 108 hertz to
the temple frequency of 110 hertz, to get to the Gateway portal of 111 hertz. (SEE
108-109-110 to 111 hertz & Number 11-111

For at that point we would be into the spirit world of the Lord where time no longer exists. (Revelation 21 ). And distances are
related to time by speed. Distance = Time x Speed. Consequently time is also an integral factor in the distances between the
Lords Spheres, of the Sun, Moon and Earth. as well as His pre-set Light Speed.

He created everything in six days, (Genesis 1: 1 &
Creation) as His equation was 'One day is as a thousand years ( 2 Peter 3: 8) )
So doing the mathematical substitution of a 1,000 years for each day of Creation, we get that there will be 6,000 years of man,
before the 1,000 year REIGN of Christ called the Millennium. And such has been the case in history!!! (SEE
6,000 Years of
Man & 1,000 Year Divisions) .

But if we go further into the division of time for a day, we get the number of seconds that we have in one day. And amazingly,
the tempo of counting from one number to the next, can approximate one second as well. Hmmmm but lets do the calculations.
24 hours, 60 minutes/hour x 60 seconds / minute = 86,400. Do you see it ? ¦..Theres 216 and 432 again, as they are factors or
harmonic to the amount of time we have in a day and a night.  864 / 216 = 4  and 864 / 432 = 2. Is our time for working for the
Lord ratiod with His Heavenly Bodies to our divine ones  â€¦ YES

And if we want to get more specific, with equal days and nights (Equinox) a day would be half that amount of time or seconds
and therefore be 43,200 seconds . And more amazingly, the Moon always keeps its revolutions harmonized with the Sun, so
that it always has the same side facing the Sun. This being absolutely impossible if the speeds and rotations were at random, but
as we know, they are NOT and are by DESIGN from the DESIGNER and architect of the Universe. And so again halving
86,400 seconds in a complete day into equal times of 43,200 seconds for daylight and 43,200 seconds for the night makes
mathematical sense. For we must work the works of Him that sent us while it is day, for the Night cometh when no man can
work. (John 9: 41).

 So it appears the Moon is harmonized with our work and our day's seconds as well as the Hebrew lunar calendar, whereas the
Sun is harmonized with our yearly solar calendar, and the time we have as a human race to get back to the Son. And we therefore
need not have '
Fear of the Moon', for like the Bride, it merely reflects the glory of the Bridegroom and SUN.


David Jay Jordan