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                                                               Fear of the Moon

In my opinion, we have to get away from the fallacy that the MOON is evil. It was created by the Lord as a light for the night
time. It is not of the devil, nor created by the devil. And though he uses the night or darkness for a lot of his evil deeds and even
rituals, it means absolutely nothing because he also does his dirty work above board and openly as well as in secret during the

The Lord's holy-days are geared to the Moon's phases as even the His Hebrew calendar is lunar rather than solar. I mean,
successful farmers plant according to the Moon, for increased productivity and growth, so how xcan the Moon's light and
phases, even if FULL be evil. Sure, during a Full MOON, the evil ones literally do howl and sometimes go beserk, but that's
not the fault of the Moon, but of their inner condition. The Moon itself is not evil but good, even a FULL MOON. So let's not
fear it, but understand it as a creation and timing devise of the Lord. (Cross-reference

For it is not just by coincidence that it is exactly the same size as the Sun in radiant degrees as we see it from HERE on
100 Pi's. It is not just coincidence that its full Moon rays are exactly one seventh the light of the Sun as talked
about in the Book of Enoch. It is not coincidence that the Lord's Eternal City of the New Jerusalem fits just inside it if
hallowed out like the Earth. ..as 1500 miles square fits inside its circular 2160 diameter. It is NOT just coincidence that it is a
ratio distance of 216,000 miles from us.

It is not coincicdence that this 216 factor is also the factor of 432, that gives us the time in seconds we have at night or in the
day time.  12x60x60 = 43,2000 seconds.  SEE complete explanation  
Moon and 432 ).

And it is Not just by COINCIDENCE that miraculously, the MOON always keeps its same side towards us. ALWAYS, this
in physics is absolutely impossible, unless there was a huge magnetic attraction on one side that always keep only its lightened
side towards the EARTH. Amazing.  It just can't be explained, except that the Lord has intimately connected us, the EARTH
with the MOON. For in essense, we are ONE just as a Bride (the Moon) and the Earth shall be ONE in sacred geometry.....
and that makes PHI ..... and we are back to the greatest living template ...and Temple as the Lord designed us with the Golden
Section, and Beauty within our bodies via the PHI Template of Life. Awesome when you catch this significance, and it makes
looking at the Moon all the more beautiful, in its reflected glory.

Thank the Lord for His Light and Lights, even at night. For they give us time til there is no more Time and we are into His
ETERNITY and part of His LIGHT.

Sincerely in Honour to His Moon