Goddess Trixie
Since I am trying to share my life with you all, allow me to start by saying ‘Thank you’ for reading to those that might find
my experiences in life as helpful. Not all of us have had the benefit of growing up in a nice environment. There are those that have
suffered in their early life. But I am not asking for pity but only hoping that by me, sharing some of my experiences, it will help

I was only ten years old, when I was forced to run away from home because of the abuse I was receiving from my father. I had
taken a ship from near my home village to a bigger city down the coast. There on the docks, I asked around who might be hiring.
And the Muslim dock workers suggested I go to a sea shell dealer who was hiring kids to clean shells. I went to their compound,
but because I spoke such good English, they figured I was lost from my foreign parents. They just didn’t think I acted like
other Filippina kids and so the owner just brought me into his household to do jobs inside his residence.

But my main job became a money courier to and from the bank with his deposits and withdrawals. Every pay day, they would
send me to the bank in the city to withdraw huge amounts of money for all their workers. The owner not wanting to risk his life
carrying such large sums of money because of thieves and robbers and so sent me. Maybe he is thinking that the rebels, the corrupt
police, the thieves wouldn’t steal or hurt a little girl, I don’t know. But I didn’t really care and wasn’t afraid either.
My job was,  just do it so I also could get paid and have some money to send home to my mother.

This even though after a month working and being a money courier, I still was waiting for my salary but it hadn’t come. I keep
doing my bank runs, but after a few months I asked for my salary but I was told that I don't have any because it paid for my food
and lodging. I was hurt but couldn’t do any thing about it.During this time, I met a nice guy, he was quite a bit older than me. I
wondered sometimes why he was always outside on the road, every time I was sent to either withdraw or deposit money. I never
asked him why but I had the feeling that he was there to make sure no harm came to me. I started to take it for granted that he
would be there for me. And thinking back now, I think he was sent by the Lord to guard me or help me, he was like my guardian
angel. Not saying any words to me nor I to him. We both kind of feeling the same thing. I was there and needed help, and he was
there to help me.

After a few months on the job I left and went to Manila and then to Baguio. But before I can leave there I have to save some
money, so I was forced to do some extra work around the house. I learned how to wash clothes and learned how to go the market
for these people.

One day the wife told me to go to the market and do some shopping for her. When I was just about to get transportation to the
market, there he was, the same guy waiting for me. He waved me over, to hop into his ‘jeepney’ and I did. I don't know how
he knew that I was going to the market but he did. He dropped me off and he was gone. But when I was done shopping, he was
there again. This time, he talked. I was surprised but afraid that if said something he would run, so I just keep quite. So he keep on
talking to me, and I listened. He said, he thought I was thinking of leaving the compound where I worked.

And somehow he knew I needed some money, so he handed me some. I don't know how much but I just had the feeling that it is
enough to get me where I was thinking of going. He told me to be very careful as it was dangerous. He was like my big brother who
watched over me and like an ANGEL, and knew my mind and what I needed. And it was enough.

I was sad to leave him but I had to go. I couldn’t keep working there without a salary. I had to help my mother, so I decided
that it was time to leave. So this time I went down to the bustling harbor and got on one of the ships to Manila. (I was still only
ten years old at the time).  On the ship, I met a couple and stayed with them for awhile till I found out what they wanted me for.
And I discovered fast, and then ran away from them.

It was a rough cold cruel unfair world, and so I learned fast in my young life. Yet I've learned that there are angels that the Lord will
send to help those that need help and in that time I needed help. So if things happen to you and there is someone try to help
you just think, perhaps it is an angel who is sent by the Lord to help you along the way, like he did to me.

I know our society, tells us not to talk or trust strangers but if we are lost and lonely, then they may be the ones the Lord sends us
to care for us. To find those that are lost and hurting. Cause we can't be so paranoid all the time. Yes we have to be careful but
don't forget the Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

God bless and may his angels help you.
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