The MILLENIUM of the Lord, is the seventh thousand year span after Creation . Dating backwards using Biblical data on our
forefathers gives us an exact date for Creation at 4004 B.C. This being very significant as 1004 BC was the timing of Solomon's
temple opening, while 4 B.C was the time of Jesus' birth... these exactly one thousand year divisions.....SEE
1,000 Year Divisions

Consequently the last six thousand year span ended in 1997 A.D., meaning this was when the Lord started His Millenium. Firstly
gathering together his BRIDE just as Jacob had to do, for 21 years and then telling her to
GATHER and then FLEE into the
wilderness in 2018.... at the start of the Great Tribulation.

This culminating with His RETURN in the air, during the summer of 2021, and then Battle of Armegeddon just shortly

But seeing it takes 7 months to clean up the bodies of the AC forces killed by us, the Lord will be delaying His RULE until the
land has been cleansed and a proper ceremony and start can take place in 2022, and a new MOON in place to celebrate the NEW
REIGN of the KING OF KINGS on Earth.
David Jay Jordan
Millenium Rule of the Lord
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April 22, 2022