David Jay Jordan's

                                  Michael's Sine Wave over Jerusalem

The leyline that connects up the Azores, Glastonbury Tor, Avebury on through Britian is not a straight line but a curved
Sine Wave line that peaks directly over Jerusalem, before falling downwards and below the Equator on the opposite side of
the Earth in the southern hemisphere .

SEE Maps half way down

But WHY is Jerusalem the center of this beautiful power curve of these powerful geographic points? Well the simple
straight forward answer is that it is the spiritual center of the whole world. For all the three great religions of man consider
Jerusalem sacred and holy…..whether Christianity, Islam or Judaism.

It was said that Abraham sacrificed there, and it was the place that the Creator choose to set up his Temple as dictated to
King David of Old. And as built by his son…Solomon.

For it is even here that the Anti-Christ will rule the world from before the return of the SON. For again, it is here in
Jerusalem, that
JESUS will set up His Kingdom for His 1000 year reign. For although now, Jerusalem is in the hands of
unbelievers and is called Sodom and Egypt, in the future it will be reclaimed by the King of Kings as his focal point even
before New Jerusalem descends upon the Earth in all its glory.

So spiritually speaking, Jerusalem is the center of the Earth. It lies between the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, and
he that controls Jerusalem controls the world. So no wonder it is crowned by a perfect Sine Wave above it and over it. For
out of Jerusalem shall proceed the Law, as it is written.

So did the Templars know higher mathematics when they also drew Sine Waves into their graphics and plans and temples.
http://www.labyrinthofthegrail.com/ Chapter 7 ......Yes, maybe not the quantatative math we think of as higher
mathematics, but they did know sacred geometry and geography and astronomy, and the mysteries. And surely if anyone
knew that Jerusalem was the center of the earth, it would have been the Knights of the Temple, who first crusaded to
Jerusalem's Temple site. It was their very beginnings.

Therefore is there anything to the Michael LeyLine, that purportedly connects up these sacred sites of Michael the
archangel, who obeys the Messiah's every wish and protects the Lord's people in the End-TIME. Well was not Glastonbury
Tor where Joseph of   Armathia and Mary Magdalene came with the Grail and with the words of the Lord to conquer
Britian for Christ. Yes, …

Holy Grail, King Arthur and Church History And is not Avebury a special site SEE Avebury is on a Spiritual Latitude

And are not the Azores surrounded in mysteries and even power? And will not all POWER emanate from the Lord's
Jerusalem in the Latter Days and won't it be the center of attention of all prophetic events in the
End-Time ?

So now we should be able to understand why Jerusalem has such a unique position geographically and why it is
surrounded by lines of power, and sacred sites of power and by the holy angels.

In my opinion

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