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       Messianic Story written in the Stars

Because the Lord is the Creator of the stars, it makes perfect sense that He told his 'everlasting' story in the stars. (See
Lord is the Creator ). The configurations aren't at random but were placed specifically in their places by the Lord of
Lords, the ultimate artist, and the ultimate designer. For as He says in His own words ....The heavens declare the glory of
God and the firmament showeth his handiwork. (Psalms 19.1) And therefore the study of the stars, astrology is not
satanic but heavenly if we understand their Creator. (SEE

So now if interested continue on in reading this article from
http://www.mt.net/~watcher/newun.html   which  connects
up perfectly with the
Sphinx, Cheribums, and the Stars followed up by the integrated posting concerning how and why
Pyramids are connected to the Stars. So here's the direct words from the Watcher website concerning the 12
Constellations and their symbolic meanings that all point back to the
Messianic Story of Redemption.


Virgo, is depicted as a virgin in every ancient reference, holding in one hand a branch, and in the other a sheaf of grain,
or seed, always associated with a child, "Shesh nu" in Egyptian, the desired son, the symbol of the incarnation of God on

Libra, the scales or in the earliest zodiacs, an altar. Its meaning is the measuring of a price. One of its stars in Arabic
means, "the price which is deficient", while opposite is a star whose name means, "the price which covers," or
atonement. Libra symbolizes the price of the conflict, the deficient works of man compared to the perfect and finished
sacrifice of Jesus accomplished on the cross.

Scorpio, with his claws reaching out to influence the scales, is crushed beneath the foot of Ophiuchus, the serpent
holder, who in earliest times was depicted as an eagle. Ophiuchus 's foot is stung (wounded foot, like Oedipus) by the
upraised tail of the scorpion, his other foot is above the scorpion's heart. He restrains the serpent coiled around him
from taking a crown. Ophiuchus depicts the earliest prophecy in the Bible, "I will put enmity between the serpent and
the offspring of the woman, it will strike at his heel, and he will crush (the serpent's) head."

Sagittarius, in the oldest pictures of the zodiac is a cherubim. This symbol is situated 1/3 rd of the way around the
zodiacal circle. It had the body of both lion and bull with wings of an eagle and the head of a woman. Sagittarius is the
symbol of the incarnation, both God and man, animals representing the four corners of the heavens and symbolizing the
aspects of God's redemptive work on this earth, he is poised with his arrow drawn and pointed at the heart of the
scorpion. Underneath him is the southern cross.

Capricorn, the goat with the tail of the fish. To the Hebrews, the goat was the sin offering, Capricorn is posed with his
foot under him and his head bowed, as if in death. The second half of this symbol is the tail of a fish, the most prolific
creature in nature, the fish lives in the waters, symbol of life and God's spirit. Out of the son of God's death, comes ever
lasting life.

Aquarius, the water bearer, the one pouring out life giving waters that symbolize God's spirit, into the mouth of the fish.

Pisces, the fishes connected to the neck of the sea monster, one points to the center of heaven the other follows the
ecliptic, the path of the earth around the sun. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Aries, the lamb prepared from the foundations of the world, the unblemished sacrifice for mankind. with his foot poised
to strike off the tether attaching the fishes to the neck of the sea monster. "He (Jesus Christ), came to set the captives

Taurus, the Bull. His horns, symbolizing God's judgment, are pointed to the earth, one stabs the heal of a shepherd
"Aquilla", who holds his flock, Christ the good shepherd, received in our place God's absolute judgment. In the bulls
neck is the Pleiades, the congregating of the judges, who come back to earth after their resurrection to judge the earth
with Christ at his second coming.

Gemini, the twins. Castor is the suffering redeemer, and Pollux is the king. Symbols of the first and second coming of

Cancer, the crab. Originally it was the fortress, the impregnable enclosure of protection. In Egypt it was a scarab, the
beetle that hatched from the ground and flew to heaven, the stronghold of the saved.

Leo, the great lion. "The conquering lion of Judah", Jesus Christ, who will come again. The king that the apostle John
traced back to that tribe of Israel. In his heart is the star called Regulus. This is the whole story of God's atonement work
on earth, its beginning and ending are symbolized by the sphinx - combining Virgo and Leo.


Amazing .....  In My Opinion according toScriptures and the Stars

David Jay Jordan