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Hello Everyone,

I would like to share this dream with you. It is going to be a short one but I think it is very significant. If you might be interested.
Here it goes. I was in this park, in the middle of a big city and it was surrounded by all these big tall buildings. I don't know where
it was exactly. But I do know it was in the  autumn, because I saw lots of falling leaves on the ground.

It was a bit chilly but not to cold either. The temperature seemed so perfect to just laze around and sit on one of those concrete
benches in this park.  And so this is exactly what I did. I flunked myself down on one of this benches and just started again
reading this book of poetry, that I has started while I was walking.

I was really into this book and I didn't even notice that somebody was standing right behind me to my left side. But I did feel it,
when he, leaned over my left shoulder. I think he was trying to see what I was reading. But I had been so enthralled by these
poems that I had almost become oblivious to everything around me. This, until I heard his voice say, "So you are reading one of
my books". I was startled but thought it was a strange thing to say, because this was my own personal book, so why was this
guy thinking it was his book.

And besides, I was feeling a bit upset that he had interrupted and intruded upon my reading. Here I was, I just wanted to be alone
and just wanted to read this book that I had but this guy won't leave. He just stands there and won't leave. So, I thought how am I
going to get rid of him. O.K. I thought, I’ll ask him why, he said, that this is his book. So I leaned to my right so as to see him
And there he was, this handsome young guy, with a very old style hat, which gentlemen used to wear in colonial times, and he
dressed like that too. He was wearing a tailored black coat and well tailored pants and shirt. In other words, he was quite a catch.
But nevertheless, I was still annoyed because he was still there. I looked at him and I saw that he was smiling. Now I said to
myself, ‘Why is this guy smiling at me ? He has already bothered me for too long and why he does not leave me alone.’

Anyway, I felt like I can't go on reading my poetry if he wouldn't leave, so I figured the best thing to do was just get up from my
nice peaceful bench in the park. Just get up and go away from him. So I am about to close the book and I noticed that he pointed
towards its cover. So I looked down and read the name of the author.

But before I can even say the author’s name, he was bubbling with humor. I just got the feeling that he was telling me
something, and when finally I heard what he said, I said to him, this is you !! You are the author of this book and your name is
Longfellow !!
He was about to laugh yet I was just about to get mad at him but at the same time, I was wondering why on Earth he was there in
the park. I didn’t see anybody else around. The place was so quiet.

There was only two people, me and this guy. “Long fellow indeed ?’ I said with a sly sexual overtone to my comment. But
as I was just about to ask him what he was doing in the park and why he was standing there behind me, I turned around and he
was gone. Now I was really upset, how could this good looking man intrude on my peace and all of a sudden just leave me, once I
began to like him.

I thought he was a real gentleman and very seldom can you find someone dressed like that. I wanted to know more about him but
he left me. And I was felling bad because of the way I acted towards him. And there he was just smiling, he was quite young
about his early 30's. I remained on the bench for quite sometime. Yet, just kept thinking about him.

I had never heard of him before but then I realized I was reading one of his books. I usually don't look who is the author anyway.
If I like the book I just plunge into it and just keep reading. But this time, I met the actual author, and I thought that was quite
nice. But who the heck is he. So I look down again to the front page of the cover, there he was, but this time he looked a lot older,
almost in his late fifties or early in his sixties. Anyway, I said, well I might as well go home to, I’ve lost my concentration.

So I decided to close the book and carried it with me. Once again I looked to see if he was around but he was nowhere to be seen.
And then my dream ends. When I woke up, I was a bit perturbed with the whole thing, all I knew was that I have only a few
poems by him.

So I told my husband and one day he went to the college campus and used their computer to search for the name, Longfellow.
When he came home, he handed me a copy of a photo of Longfellow. I was stunned, it was him !!! There he was, exactly how I
saw him although quite a bit older in this photo, but it was him. I told my husband that I never had heard of him before and I
hadn’t,And yet there he was. And I can still see his face smiling and nodding his head. Its now years later, and this time
having my own computer, searched for him and his poems again.

And his poems are beautiful and descriptive and heart warming. It might seem odd to you all, but, one thing about my dream is
that, I had the feeling that he was happy that somebody still liked to read his poems and his writings still are with us. For even to
this day, there are those that appreciate his work and labor of love. If interested read more of his BIOGRAPHY for like many of
us, he also seemed to have numerous heart breaks. Nevertheless, Longfellow did leave us, with so many beautiful and loving and
heart felt poems to inspire us, even in our dark days to give us hope. Do read his poems if you get a chance. They are beautiful !!

God bless you all, I pray that you to might have the chance to see those that have gone before us, even just in your dreams. Keep
dreaming and be faithful in writing them down so hopefully you can share it with us all. Knowing the author, helps us know his
words, just like with the Lord and his words. And He likes it when we read them.

In the Lord's Service,


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