David Jay Jordan's

                               Mechanism for Shape-Shifting

To understand how the cursed Reptilian lineage straight from the Garden of Eden are able to shape shift, you have to
understand blood, mind and spirit. For we have to be wiser than they, and aware of their tricks and shape shifting
capabilities. For their only power over any, is if they can get us to fear them. But we need not fear, if we have the Ultimate
Power of the Universe and that the Lord of Lords who is RULER of ALL, including them.

These fallen angels of Satan were originally cursed from a human form into reptilian crawling creatures way back in the
beginning (Genesis 2&3). So tend to want to shape-shift back into our divinely shaped human form once again to continue
their lying and deceiving ways. But to do this, they must literally drink ‘blood’ and the corresponding ‘hormonesâ
€™ in the blood (See Obscene Ritual or the movie ‘Relic’). This is why in witchcraft and new age ceremonies they
will drink blood.

They need to literally drink in their shape-shifting abilities to keep them in human form. They have to literally commune
with their god and his evil blood and connoctions to stay in shape, or their reptilian nature will come out visually. SEE the
excellent Reptilian Achives at http://www.davidicke.com

For out of desperation for more power, 'they will (even) attempt to drink mono-atomic gold, that will go directly into their
blood stream to give them "superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson tunneling and magnetic levitation ... They may
enhance energy flow in the microtubules inside every living cell." (http://danwinter.com/wormturning/index.html)

For as the Bible says, blood is the life of the body which is why we were instructed not to mix our bloods, drink blood, or
eat animals with blood still in them (Genesis 9). Our blood is given by the Lord through birth, and we are ‘born again’
literally by drinking in His blood spiritually, by accepting His Seed, His Blood, through His Word and His Communal Wine..
Yet the  evil ones communion even among their human counterparts is with the blood of those kidnapped and used as â
€˜human sacrifice’. It's hard to believe, but do the research yourself. As this is the ONLY way these self-confessed
vampires can retain their ‘humanistic form’ and supposed high intelligence over the ‘goyum’. (ie, dumb sheep),
which is what they consider us.

Their 'Elixirs' whether Blood, ritual concoctions or monoatomic-gold flow to every part of their bodies, charging them
electrically so that their focusing of thought thru ‘starfire’ power or phi spiraling power means they can create by
going beyond the speed of light cellularly. In other words they can shape-shift by focusing their will on their mixed DNA
into whatever form they can dream up. This is why they can take any form they choose or as the Bible calls them â
€˜familiar spirits. They can focus on an identity and then counterfeit it, to those that are familiar with that identity. But they
are not that person, and there is no reincarnation after death, and so they counterfeit the originals and become deceitive,
tricking 'familiar spirits'.  But if you don;t know their tricks, they can fool you, but if you know their perfidity and know the
WORD and know the Lord, they are powerless to deceive.

Therefore you better be aware of them by the Discernment of the Lord and POWER of the Lord, for they can easily trick
the unspiritual by imitating ‘real’ people (past or present).  Otherwise they might appear as the devils they are or as
the Reptiles they are …. and they are still powerful if you fear them.

So for empowerment you have two choices, drink their communion Cup of blood (or the brain-splitting M-gold that will
drive you literally crazy) or drink the wine that represents the blood of Jesus that was shed for us. For there are only two
choices in the long run ....  as no group will be able to protect you and no one will be able to protect you unless you 'choose
wisely'. For your only defense and offense, against these shape-shifting devils is if you individually and personally choose
Lord of Lords and King of Kings. (SEE Salvation)

For with His POWER, you can send them back to Hell where they belong.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan