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Mathematical Proof of DESIGN in the Human Body
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In this article, we shall prove that our human bodies, shape and form is not by chance but by DESIGN. It will prove
conclusively through a detailed mathematical study when following all the hyper links, that we are not a mere hunk of
evolutionary meat that has evolved into the
most highly technological orgasm possible, but that our DESIGN. This meaning
obviously and logically that there has to be a DESIGNER

But to start, you will have to know the mathematical ratio called the
Golden Section , also called the PHI RATIO, as it is a
precursor to starting this study. For this secret of creation will shake the any  unscientific evolutionary belief system in luck
and chance that you might have and  rationally compel you to rethink all of science and all the ways life and the laws of nature
were designed whether in distances, and speeds but as well with TIME. For we will establish ETERNAL MATHEMATICAL
TRUTHS and PROOFS that you are indeed special, in that you have been given a divine body whether male or female, and you
are NOT just evolutionary meat floating in an evolutionary cosmos of nothingness created by luck and chance.

Now on with the MATH. But seeing, a visual representation helps us envision this RATIO, lets use graphics to teach this
mathematical concept. Please study this basic class with graphics, SEE
Golden Section.

Now, as you discovered, the Golden Section is the most beautiful of all ratios, as we naturally choose it over all others. In other
words, beauty is not subjective but objective and a ratio, that is ingrained into our design, so that we normally are attracted to
it...as BEAUTIFUL.  SEE and study
What is Beauty

As the Golden Section itself is the ratio of BEAUTY. It can be seen, it literally is an archetype within us, that we appreciate
seeing because it is ONE with us. This is not semantics, as you will learn but a mathematical truth, a geometrical truth, and a
spiritual truth. The Lord created beauty and wants you to appreciate beauty.

You will see the divisions in the DaVinci Man graphics I made, and we shall see its exactness as we go along.

OK, if you are going to understand the Golden section in your Body, you cannot have false humility of shyness. So get out the
tape measure and lets measure your belly button.

What is your belly button, the place from which you were nourished within the womb, as it is the perfect balance between
your upper mass and your lower mass? Closer to your head and shoulders than your feet below. It is your central mass point,
your creative point even though it is not equidistant from your crown to your toes. (Ha..That’s the location the sexy lord put
your divine member at...but that is later.... or do it now. Measure your placement of your divine member whether male or
female... where is it...if you are close to normal proportions, exactly at 50 percent of your total height) Coincidence, SORRY by
now you should know, nothing is by coincidence with the Lord or with His designed Creation. And where is the nourishing
nodules whether male or female, again at the 3/4 mark, even though in females it might be just a bit below because beauty dips
with age.... sometimes)

Whoa, so lets get back to your center of mass, your navel, your connection to life, how far above the ground is it. Measure and
put this down. Then measure your total height!!

Divide your belly button height by your total Height, and what do you get ? If approximating the norm, that answer should be
around .618. as that is the Golden Section. Your navel is at the Golden Section Ratio of your body ?

Its for a reason, because your whole body and not just this easy to measure spot are Golden Section Ratio-ed.

Golden section Class...

And please, please reframe from telling yourself it is all just luck and chance, and start worshipping the Golden section as if it is
your Golden Calf. And don't excuse these truths because our human body proportions have never changed since the creation of
Adam and sexy Eve.
And then we shall see more Golden section of Beauty within your face and the face of the beautiful.

Responder …. asks good questions, NOTE THE DIFFERENCE.... from those that do not want answers. The female blueprint
came from the BEGINNING as the Holy Spirit is Female and she has an outstanding body, divine to say the least...

See and visualize the female form of the Holy Spirit.. from my wife’s website...

Feminine Holy Spirit

That's what I call a blueprint. The flaw of the human body is the human heart which the Lord by design created to have need of
the Creators LOVE. By the divine right of CHOICE, the Creator can not come in and fill the heart with love and a NEW
BEGINNING unless asked to come in


Back to the topic.. do the math and read and study hyperlinks for explanations.. For AGAIN NOTICE that the design
principle is again 1, 1.272, and 1.618 just as with a phi pyramid and with New Jerusalem


Golden Section Design in our Bodies

But let's now, for illustration and clarity sake, show the human pentagon, a five sided star, with the
cross section of a phi pyramid like the Great Pyramid of Giza. SEE Below

The side slope of a phi pyramid being at a ratio of 1.618 to the distance to its central point in its base ... 1, making its height the
square root of phi or 1.272. And if that doesn't knock your mathematical socks off, consider that these very ratio's are the
addition or the earth with the Moon's diameter. SEE Phi Graphics of Moon and Earth. What does it all mean ? Well simply put,
it means that the Creator used the Phi template in us, and in His Creation of the Earth and Moon, as well as in the 'Distances to
the planets' . We and them are in Harmony. And it is for this reason that we are called stars in the Bible. (Daniel 12 etc...). We
were not made by evolutionary chance over billions of years of mistakes and then so-called beneficial mutations but at the very
hand of God, and 'Made in His Sacred Image'

Still don't see it or believe it. Then don't just consider it mentally, but do the measuring and mathematics on your own personal
body. See if your navel or point of creation, is at your center of mass, and is approximately at the height of 61.8 percent of
your total height. Measure your bone digits in your hands and see if your sacred DNA (Word) created them to increase in
length by 1.618 as you move up your arm. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female, or what culture you come from, or
what race you belong to. We are One and are human and have been created with the Golden Section right inside our Design.

This is why we are beautiful to each other, because the 'Golden Section is Beauty itself'. This is why, our bodies are beautiful
and why they can be powerful, if we unite with our Creator. And His Name is JESUS.

In His Beautiful Service


Back to the Golden Section Design of the Human Body...as it is undeniable except to the blind who can;t do math and refuse to
see their own hands, belly buttons or measure their distances. This isn;t rocket human science folks, this is basic division and or

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