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Mathematical Proof of the Design of the Solar System
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Know that 1.272 times 1.272 equals 1.618

Step by step, know the ratios, then know the square root of the ratio called PHI or the Golden Section.

Enough introductions, lets get it on...  So let’s start by realizing the basic relationship between the Earth and its only Moon.
We know now that its generalized diameter is 7920 miles, with the Moon’s diameter being 2160 miles. But in the "sacred
geometry" known by the ancients, these two distances were added together, 7920 + 2160 gives 10,080 miles. (The center of
this distance being the perfect manageable number according to Plato 5040. (7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1)). But wait a minute
10,080 is 1.272 times greater than 7920 and lo and behold 1.272 is the square root of - phi - or the square root of the Golden
Section, which is the "magical star template'.

Got IT. Do the math, multiply 1.272 times itself what do you get 1.618, but that's PHI. So 1.272 is the square root of PHI.

So the height of a phi pyramid like the Lord's GIZA or New Jerusalem is 1.272 times its base length. The slope is 1.618 times
its base length.

SEE the graphics..... Do the triangular math, Yikes, this part might be Grade 11 Math, but what the heck go for it.

Golden Section Graphics

Yes a simple ratio or division of a whole into a beautiful division of beauty is the Golden section, is 61.8 percent of the whole
line or 1/1.618. Its a ratio, a proportion that is beautiful by design.

Then see the cross section of the phi pyramid, there's the base, the height and the slope distances, and if the base is 1 then the
height is 1.272, and the slope is 1.618

An wait till you hear the measurements of Giza and New Jerusalem exactly and wait till you see that the MOON and
EARTH combined makes a Golden section united Temple, also called the squaring of the circle.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, as it is step by step..

OK everybody got the basic PHI RATIO down backwards and forwards. Do you see the height of a pyramid is the square
root of 1.618 or 1.272. ? Alright, my poor memory kicked in my Grade 11 math. so lets do that triangle again.

The PHI TRIANGLE of a cross sectioned phi pyramid has sides of 1 and 1.272.

Its slope is 1.618

To prove it, 'a' squared = 'b' squared plus 'c' squared, where 'a' equals the slope distance. b and c are sides. We put in the
values and they should equal each other

1.618 times 1.618 = 1 time 1 plus 1.272 times 1.272
2.618 = 1 plus 1.618
2.618 = 2.618

There simple geometry from Grade 11, and proof the measurements and distances are correct...

Does this blow your mind, as the phi expansion is additive and multiplicative at the same time

1.618 times 1.618 = 1.618 plus 1
2.618 = 2.618

That’s not trickery, that’s the power of the phi expansion, it is multiplicative and additive at the same time. It keeps its
power and shape and ratios, which is why the Lord used it and designed it throughout the Universe and in our SOLAR

Its not higher-level math, but a concept anyone can understand. Do not get confused by the idiotic higher math that tends to
dazzle and complicate. Know the basics and be in awe. Evolutionists will absolutely hate this mathematical thread, because
design would show a designer rather than hit and miss and maybe survive magic mutations of evolution.

Design absolutely violates their theory of everything is by chance and there are so many billions of universes that only by
chance did this one start life. But when this one shows design, absolute design of the Golden Section in all its creative
tabernacles, and temples, which are heavenly bodies and earthly buildings and bodies, then evolutionists can only resort to
their semantic and belief systems because they have no math to back up their religious philosophy.

So back to sheer mathematics, the mathematics of BEAUTY and power... And I do mean beauty literally exactly and not a
subjective evaluation but a objective exact evaluation of ratios to see whether they are ratio-ed to the ultimate beauty of 1.618.

OK time out, lets make it simple again.... no fancy equations, you just want to see phi expansions before your eyes before
you will believe. FINE, then raise up your hand and look at your fingers.

They were created by the Lord to be beautiful and functional and Golden Section designed.

Each knuckle outward is .618 times shorter than the last. LOOK, check it out, notice the ratios in all the fingers is the same.
Notice how the ratio in reduction of size is the same. Each one outward being 61.8 percent of the last one. If going inward
from the finger tips, then each joint or length is 1.618 times as long as the one before it.

Its 168 per cent times the shorter outer one. That’s an example of the LORD'S HAND-I-WORK written on your hands.
This, the same ratio whether a big hand or small feminine hand. The ratios are the same. It’s a phi spiral, and additive
multiplicative expansion. And it’s beautiful.

I'm terribly sorry, readers, forgive the interruptions from the non mathematical types who believe in luck and chance.

Lets now prove absolutely that the golden section is beauty. This might interest the female readers, and then again if female
readers are attracted, male appreciators of the female form shall follow and appreciate and might even study themselves.
Beauty is not subjective but objective. Its a mathematical ratio, it is also called the Golden section.

It is not numerology it is the division of two lengths, and in three dimensions it is even more beautiful when applied to our
golden-sectioned beautiful bodies.

For again luck and chance types tell you that our human bodies are just one possible hunk of flesh combination that just sort
of evolved together into this piece of meat that lives and then turns into dust. Whao ….., but wait a minute, if we can show
(and WILL SHOW) that our human bodies show design, then the luck and chance types are foundation-less and we are more
than hunks of meat and eternal dust that keeps getting stepped on.

For beauty is by science and by math and by experimentation the chosen phi ratio of 1/1.618 or a division of 61.8 percent of a
whole line...Beauty is not subjective but an objective mathematical proportion, that goes to our very being and creative design,
by the Designer... SEE and study and know and apply ......
What is Beauty.

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