Masturbation and Good Health

Not only is it physically healthy but As one Christian said:"Isn't it incredible that one of God's most beautiful
gifts,masturbation, is held in such contempt by those who wear their religion on their arm. No one has ever become
pregnant, impregnated someone, become  diseased, or been physically harmed because of the act. I'd like to meet the
person who has passed puberty without ever doing it."

You still have not gone insane.  You have not gone blind. You have not grown hair on your palms.  You are a
completely competent member of society - despite all the times you've done it.  Kinsey and the latest Sex in America
report show there's a whole lot of shaking going on.  Today's sex researchers have come to grips with the fact that
masturbation has important physical and emotional benefits for both men and women.

"Masturbation is a normal, natural activity throughout life," says Robert Pollack, a psychology professor at the
University of Georgia. It may even contribute to mental health and not doing it may lead to psychosexual problems.

For men, masturbation or regular sex is good for the prostate and can prevent painful prostate blockage. For women
it can help reduce cramping and for both men and women has been shown to have a healthy effect on the immune
systems as well as reducing overall tension and helping emotions.

Besides being healthy for the body, a private grope can help both a man and a woman better understand their own
sexuality. If you can learn to lie back and enjoy it and really pay attention to the pleasure it gives your body - no one
knows better than you what gives you maximum pleasure - you can share that knowledge with a partner and have
more mutually fulfilling sexual pleasure sharing.  The self-awareness gained from masturbation makes it a central
feature of many sex therapy programs.

Notice when you are standing where your hand falls if you hang it in front of you. Apes do it, dogs and cats do it,
elephants do it and even porcupines have been observed doing it,  probably very carefully.  One reason we may be so
programmed, paradoxically,  is to increase our odds of producing offspring. Older sperm can lose their ability to
swim well.  A good masturbatory flush guarantees fresh, robust sperm for mating.

Storing seminal fluids for long periods can also cause prostate congestion, which in turn can lead to urinary and
ejaculatory pain.  Regular ejaculations, either through masturbation or intercourse, can help ward off this condition,
also called nonspecific prostatitis and , for obvious reasons, "sailor's disease" and "priest's disease."
Another reason why nature designed us to masturbate is to strengthen PC muscles, much like "Kegel" exercises.
This is especially true in females where strong PC muscles are practically the sole factor in whether labor is easy
and fast or long and difficult.  Females masturbating regularly with multiple orgasms would develop strong PC
muscles and should have easier labor.

Masturbation is also an ever-renewable health resource.  In fact, the people who start the earliest and do it the most
often are the ones who do it longest into old age.  So, as with all sexual activity, it's  "use it or lose it."

Another potential concern is reliance on masturbation for sexual pleasure to the exclusion of intimacy with another
person.  But in such cases, masturbation is probably a symptom, not a cause, of larger psychological barriers to
intimacy.  Most people want relationships.  But if you're scared of them, you might stick with masturbation

"Sexual release is just as important as any kind of emotional release. Saying that you shouldn't masturbate is like
saying that you shouldn't cry when you're upset or hurt, or that you should hold  in anger and other emotions.  I see
no difference between sexual release  and emotional release.  Not releasing will only result in stress and  health
problems.  And I know that I need no more stress in my life.  I  figure, if something helps a person relieve stress,
clear their mind, and make them feel better (that doesn't hurt others, mind you), then more power to them."

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