David Jay Jordan's

Magic Square of the                        Sun (Son)

Magic Squares are numbers arranged
in a square so that the additions of rows
or columns or even diagonals all equal the
same totaL

They are magical not just because they
are unique mathematically, but because
they have balance and symmetry and can be
used practically in such applications as
Searle's anti-gravity flying disk or UFO.
These numbers can be a firing order in space and time, that can transport us to another dimension if we can get them
right. This also being suggested in the famous 'Knight' piece movement on the Chessboard of Life of the black and white
8 by 8 magic square chessboard, that allows the Knight to go from quadrant to quadrant in sequential order as it lands
upon each and every square without landing on the same square twice.

So let's take the most important magic square of all and see how its beauty in numbers can relate to the real world, in
terms of real vibrations and real balance with the Sun, which is symbolic of the real One and Only Son, Jesus. ....... (SEE
Jesus and 888 Website )

6x6 Magic Square of the Sun below in

01 - 35 - 34 - 03 - 32 - 06
     = 111
30 - 08 - 28 - 27 - 11 - 07      = 111
24 - 23 - 15 - 16 --14 - 19      = 111
13 - 17 - 21 - 22 - 20 - 18      = 111
12 - 26 - 09 - 10 - 29 - 25      = 111
31 - 02 - 04 - 33 - 05 - 36      = 111

All Columns = 111 times 6    =


                         01+08+15+22+29+36 = 111
                         31+26+21+16+11+06 = 111

But you might think, if you know a little bit about Bible Prophecy, that 666 is an evil number. And you would be right
because the 'Alphanumeric addition of the Anti-Christ's name will add up to 666' (SEE
666 and the Anti-Christ). But then
you must remember that the Anti-Christ says he is Christ (Mathew 24) and pretends to be Christ and will falsely say he
fulfills Christs first ministry. And so accordingly,he shall surely even pretend to have the right Name, characteristics and
gematria, or number additions that correspond to Christs Name and NUMBER (SEE  
Jesus, 888-111)

Therefore, let's look at the balancing number 111 which is the sum of time and space in all rows and columns and
diagonals, for 111 is said to be the gateway number in literal hertz vibrations between the spiritual and physical world.
For it is the link to the 29th spiritual projection step in the Grand Gallery of Giza, if you ask me. (SEE
27,28,29 Steps).
111 as well being a factor of the Lord's
Pentagramaton of 444. And it is linked straight back to the very Fine Structure
Constant in physics that also bridges between the material and the invisable. 37 times 3 being 111 (SEE
Fine Structure
Constant and 37 ) And if that isn't enough co-relations for you, do  consider the mathematical and gematria correlations
with 33 hertz, in our brain waves, and our hearts, as energy is passed up our 33 vertebrate when charged up to bliss, or as
initate might experience inside a pyramid that resonates at exactly 33 hertz. (SEE
Absolute 33 and/or 33 Levels of Ecstasy)

Whew, so there is a lot more here than first meets the eye or the mind, because the
Lord's Numbers by His very DESIGN
have to agree and balance out in perfect symmetry and sequence if we can just get it right And they shall be magical and
powerful if and only if our hearts are right (SEE
Voice and heart Link) Why because the physical came into being from
the spiritual, and the link between the physical and spiritual and is and always has been the Creator, the Sun of Life
known also as the Son of God...

In His Mathematical Service

David Jay Jordan