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There is power in a phi pyramid by its very shape and because its design by the Lord connects it up with the earth itself. (SEE
Earth Resonance and Phi Pyramid Frequencies). And as can be established with a simple levitation exercise, humans have the power
to leviatate when aligned just like the
Great Prophecy Pyramid of Giza is aligned to the axis and magnetism of the Earth.(SEE
Human Leviatation and Pyramid Human Leviatation)

So alignment with the Earth's Magnetism, can give power, because the Earth is given a frequency, a Resonant Frequency when
lightning striking its surface and then circumventing the 7290 miles around its circumference. This Frequency when spiralled up a
phi pyramid meshes with the stone frequency of granite that the Giza plateau consists of, and the stone granite blocks that
compose the Great Prophecy Pyramid. So we know exact frequencies are involved. granite having a resonant frequency of 110
hertz, whereas the
Sound frequency used to levitate stones was F sharp. This also employed and used by the Egyptian Priesthood
within their chambers to produce power. F sharp being 370 hertz, and harmonic to 37 hertz, with 37 being the
Fine Structure

Consequently because it is also been said, that mere concentration on the perfect balance and symetry of a
NUMBERS can cause leviatation. And because the brilliant Searle, used the firing sequence of magic squares to leviatate his Searle
FLYING DISCS in perfect balance and harmony, while accessing free energy from the Earth. Let's examine and discover the Magic
Square of the Sun, so named after the Sun in reference to the real SON, Jesus. And let's notice the similarities and exact
correspondances between its numbers and 37... the Fine Structure Constant, which is the constant number between matter and

For notice, that all rows add up to
111.... the Gateway
in Gematria. And 111 is by my calculations the energized
level above the 110 hertz level of granite, when their is a
harmonic imput of 37 hertz, an F sharp harmonic, such as
37 times 3 or 111 hertz.

And VIOLA, right there in the diagonal axis of lets say
the floor plan of a four square phi pyramid to the RIGHT
is 37 in both diagonals, even extended outward to the edges
on the North West to South East diagonal or ridge or crest
of a golden section pyramid.As well as two stablizers that
also add up to 37 right next to the center. They aligned North
-South. Is this by accident ? NO but by

Maybe this is why Searle used magic squares as a firing order in his UFO flying disc, he successfully flew. Because in order, it
keeps its symetry, just as a phi spiral keeps its symetry and qualities, and stays stable in space as it keeps its numeric balance.... in
additions in each level, and around its center of mass, the crossing of its axises. Each number repesenting a cube in space that has to
have demensions but also a TIME to exist, or fire. Its stable geometry in motion !!

This being why the Lord also uses the 111 ratio over and over again in
His Number 888 as well as His Pentagonal 444, in His
Pentagrammaton Name 444. This being why the Number 11 is so important in the projection of power, because it is harmonic to
111 (11x10) and it is harmonic or an octave of 333, and 444, and 888. ( SEE
Number 11- 111 Expansions )

For there is power at 111 hertz, or at F sharp, 37 (37x3,= 111) as it also harmonic to the boundary between flesh and spirit of the
Christ consciousness number 33, or 33 hertz, also the resonant frequency of a quartz crystal  Why because it also crests to a
perfect capstone phi pyramid from its hexagonal base, and hence its
33 can harmonize with 111 as well as 33 x 3.3333.... =110,
elevated to 111 and there is transmission, or shall we see propulsion through the portals of the pyramid to the STARS.

Earth Resonance 33   More confirmations of 33 and Gematria   Phi projection to the Stars
                                           &  Pyramid Shafts to the Stars

Ha, so to make in simple, the number 37 additions in the Magic Square of the Sun/Son mean that a pyram,id using this formatting
firing order would be stable and balanced and harmonic to the earth, and receive levitating power or magnetism or anti-gravity from
being harmonic with the Earth and its frequencies and overtones and octaves. And off we go, as we also are phi designed and
templated by the Lord. (SEE Human Body and Phi template). Can you catch the connections, and exactness of the lord and why
He was the designer of all, so that all would be harmonic with His Creation if they align to HIM.

Are you aligned ?
Will you leviatate at His COMING ?

Magic Square Pyramid Leviatation