David Jay Jordan's

Made in His Image

In the very beginning of the Bible, in the Book of Genesis written By Moses
who spent 40 days and 40 nights talking face to face with the Creator of All the
Universe, YHWH, the Lord said, He created man and woman in His image. Be-
cause God had 'made the beast of the earth after their kind and the cattle after
their kind¦And God said, Let US make man in our IMAGE, after our LIKENESS.
So if any don't know it we are made in the very image of God, in the very pro-
portions of the Creator. Our design is not by evolutionary accident but follows
the common design pattern called the divine proportion that is in all Nature and
even incorporated into the Solar System. Our Bodies are SACRED, just as His
Body is SACRED.

Matter of fact, if anyone was to look upon the Lord's Body they would have
instantly have died because it was so powerful, so radiant, and so holy. (Exodus
34:20) This is why Moses was instructed to hide between the rocks while Yah-
weh passed by.  Saying "And I will take away mine hand and thou shalt see my
back parts, but my face shall not be seen."  The Lord had back parts and his but-
tocks were all that Moses was allowed to see. The Lord didn't need clothing, as
He is clothed in light and is described in varying accounts as radiating like gems.
(Ezekiel etc.) And it is only because of our sin that we need to be covered (Genesis
3:10 ¦) and even then the Lord himself is the only one that cover us with (Genesis
3:21) the Lambs coat sacrificed for us on the cross.

We are the Temple of the Holy Ghost, we are the Temple made without  (man's) hands (2 Cor.6:16  etc) We are the church, the
building inside which the Lord wants to live. For just like the Lord will dwell within His Bride, New Jerusalem, He wants to
dwell within us and shine His light through us. We are not the LIGHT, as the Devil tried to become and fell into damnation.. I
mean even Jesus said, that if His enemies would destroy His Temple, meaning His Body, in three days he would raise it up
(John 2:19)  No one can or could destroy His Temple, because He conquered death through His resurrection. His sacred body
made of flesh was transformed into a miraculous spiritual body, that looked like His original BODY. Why because the image, the
likeness, the proportions are Sacred.

 You need only research the truths about the Divine Proportion, 1.618, a mathematical design of Creation (See
Golden Section
and the Body,  & Sexy Star of David) to understand this amazing truth. Sacred geometry proves beyond any doubt that
Nature and our exact design proportion and beauty is heaven sent and in accordance with the sacred and holy. Therefore we are
suppose to give the credit not to ourselves, or Nature, or even totally to our parents, because even they merely passed on the
life they were given by the holy act of sexual reproduction.

This was the 1st commandment and not the first sin. The Lord, the great I am, the alpha and the omega, instructed Adam and
Eve to be fruitful and multiply. They had no marriage certificate but simply obeyed the Lord, in doing what came naturally. So if
you didn't know it by now, sex was created by the Lord, to reproduce his original creation of man and woman. Therefore sex in
and of itself is pure and cannot be sinful although man and woman in their less than perfect motivations and misuse of it, can be
sinful. Yet sex is an integral part of all the sciences, whether biology, chemistry, physics, and onward. All life instinctively
wants to reproduce and keep its stable live within from being extinguished..

But we are suppose to give credit to where credit is due, and honor to where honor is due, and worship and serve our Creator in
spirit and truth rather than worship and serve the Creation. We are intended to be married to Him first, for as it says so
distinctly and clearly in so many places. "For they Maker is thine husband, the Lord of Hosts is his name, and thy Redeemer
the Holy One of Israel: the God of the whole Earth shall He be called. For the Lord hath called thee as a woman forsaken."
(Isaiah 54:5). We were created to be the Lord's Bride, if we truly Him. We are the completion of the fourth letter in the
unfoldment of His sacred name Y-H-W-H.. This is why in the Book of Revelations, we are called the BRIDE of Christ, the
woman that has to flee into the wilderness to escape the Beast. (Revelations 12:6).

Jesus is supposed to be our husband, our wife, our mate. We were never meant to put our personal marriages equal or above our
marriage with the Lord. For He is a jealous God, because He literally does own us, and He literally did create us for himself.
(Exodus 34:14). The first of the Ten commandments is that we are to LOVE the Lord our God with all our heart, strength, mind,
and soul, and He will have no other gods before HIM. Right? Well, that includes our mates in this life, as we are definitely told
to put the Lord first if we love Him first.

Unfortunately the church, which errantly calls themselves the Body of Christ, thinks their temporal marriages, their marriage
and divorce and remarriage and divorce relationships are equal to our eternal marriage with the Lord.  And even though in ancient
England, they included in their vows that they 'would honor and worship each other sexually' it was meant to be in respect to
the Creator not with the intent of man or woman worship. Consequently their vows are more holy than the civil sexual exclusive
contracts that lead to divorces in today's ungodly societies.

Yet if we give credit and honor and respect, mentally and physically and spiritually and even fantasize or create a 'thought form'
of his divine creation whether male or female, then surely there is no sin, for our bodies are not sinful, He is not sinful and our
intentions are not sinful in honoring Him. So rather than bringing on a curse, this communion and union with Him via a
connection of our hearts in  love, has to bring on a blessing if done in
SPIRIT. Our marriage with Him and His Spirit will be
consummated in the future at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, so what would prevent our hearts from joining here and noww.
It's magical ¦.

In His