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Believe it or not 'real love' is an electrical wave. It can be distinquished via wave analysis so that you can't fake it. You either
have the wave of love or you don't. It isn't a word game or pretense or something you can counterfeit. It has its own very
unique electrical signature just like other emotions like fear and hate. (SEE
Heart and Voice Link).

God is Love, and to have His Love you have to be literally alignerd to Him and it will show in your heart waves. You are
able to center down to the One, the original One, as is said in sacred geonetry. Love is a perfect sine wave, in phi ratio's
which the devil's people can NOT dulpicate, no matter how much they try.

For when you have real love, it can be seen electronically on a spectrum analysis, that will graphically show ratio's of phi.
Golden Section or Phi Class) This means it doesn't lose its qualities as it spirals into the universe or into the core or
center. In the physics of wave properties, this means it can compact without destroying itself. It is shareable and
non-destructive as its wave can combine and unite into a single point .... and ultimately the single point is back to our
Creator, from which everything was created.  (SEE
Jesus is the Creator)

So how do we get this real love that has so much power and is so shareable and non-destructive? How do we get our love to
be phi-ratioed. We can't !! It's absolutely impossible because the only ONE with the key to Love is the One who created Phi
in the first place and His Name is the Lord of Lords....

But once we receive His Love, then we have the unselfish love for others, that frees us from ourselves, and liberates us from
pride, which gives us
His POWER. But as many as received Him to them gave He the POWER to become the 'sons of God,
even to them that believe in His Name' (John 1: 12).

 This can all be seen on oscilliscopes and we can't fake it and can't have the power until we yield to the Ultimate POWER
..... Until we center on Him, we'll never be unified in Love !

It's true Science and true Spirituality.



David Jay Jordan

PS) For understanding this from a different perspective,  check this
Web-Site, its graphics and some of its scientific
reasoning, even though thier spirituality is very suspect.
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Love is a Wave