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                                     Love One Another Means ....

Jesus commandment to us was that we should 'love one another.'

Now our sexual spiritual faith should never ever hinge on one verse, or one interpretation or one dictionary search, but for a
multitude of reasons and experiences, and our heart and soul, and us just KNOWING sex can be spiritual and edifying and
rewarding and beautiful.. and this with more than one person.

But let's seriously consider the great possibility that what Jesus was saying HERE, was literally that we should love more
than one, love many. We would sort of joke around when that verse came out and hint humorlessly that it mean love
sexually one another. Well, maybe stop NOW, and consider that maybe this is exactly what Jesus meant and taught.

The phrase apparently in GREEK is translated as 'love more than one.' (SEE http://www.the-goldenrule.name/) And when
you consider that all three of the branches of the early Christians were all very sexual in their practices before the later
Paulian branch took over completely and destroyed all (or nearly all the writings of the Early non Paulians) logically it can
only mean that Jesus taught them this active sexuality.

And yet it is hidden in the Paulian Bible, and the censored Bible that has been passed onto us. Does that not bother you ?
Did you think you would be spoon fed, the truth without searching for it ? Or did you think you the majority would be
right and trustworthy so you would never have to go by faith and courage ?

So did Jesus literally command us to love more than one ?

Well, one on one marriage was from HIM as it helps us grow and mature and learn to work together and accept
responsibility and care for others, rather than just selfishly for ourselves. But was Jesus trying to take His people beyond
the one on one marriage system that can tend to selfishness and the shutting out of others, so that love gets smothered
rather than liberated for the benefit of all.

Was Jesus trying to start the early church off with a better more loving concept that could totally change society from hell
on Earth, to a type of foreshadowing of the heavenly system. Because in heaven, people are neither married or given in
marriage but are as the angels in heaven. We are THERE married to each other. GROUP MARRIAGE, where we love each
and make love to almost all, or maybe in fact all in our tribe.

That's heaven, Brethren. When we expand love to more than one. When we have conquered jealousy and pride, and desire
to work for the common good, without conditions, only because of love.

That's what the 144,000 do, they are virgins in spirit. Wise virgins that have the right spirit and the right love, that are not
lazy and sloughfull and get the spirit...and have the spirit in their hearts when it is needed. These are male and female virgins
BOTH. For the love loved both males and females. Not just spiritually, but physically as well.

For again study that website a little more, because the hyperlinks do seem to show that the Paulian church system changed
the very word 'agape' to mean non sexual, when in fact it meant just the opposite...SEXUALITY and LOVE-MAKING.

Jesus loved His disciples, male and female..... and His early followers were sexual. Why, because Jesus was sexual, and I
would say, he probably did teach them to 'love more than one'.

Its the literal way to change society so that it can become loving and non violent. Making love can stop wars, even though
the political system, businesses and churches want war and need war to further advance their greed’s and power
over people. So why wouldn't Jesus want to bring more heaven down HERE on Earth, when He came. Why wouldn't He
have been more radical and trusting us with this truth more than what we have been taught ?

Maybe this is why there was so many martyr's in the early church. They gave everything they had, and others gave them
everything they had, and they all shared everything as one, even their wives and husbands. And all took care of the kids, the
widows, the sick, and all did it out of love. Maybe this kind of real love, tribal love, group love and group marriage is what
so inspired the hearts of the martyr's that they would never deny the Lord of LOVE.

The evidence of the love feasts is there because they wrote against it, study the history and the evidence, and pray whether
these early Christians were indeed sexual and yet persecuted into oblivion because of this anti-political act of love and not
the war that the system favored.

Then you will be able to know what Jesus meant when He said.....
"This is my commandment that ye love one
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