David Jay Jordan

The Lord's Cup is the Holy Grail

The Lord celebrated His Last Supper with His disciples, and He said
'This Cup is the New Testament in my blood,' (Luke 22:20) And instructed
them, to all drink from that CUP.For if they didn't, He said they would have
no part in  Him. They had to drink of his symbolic blood, to have their sins
forgiven by His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God.

And they all drank from ONE CUP and passed it around. And this same exact Cup or Grail, is said to have caught the
Lord's own blood as it fell from His Cross. So is this Cup or Grail important to us in the End-Time in our rembrance and
celebrations of the Lord's Death and our UNITY with HIM.  YES...Because in my opinion it has power, because it
contained His blood. And we know that the 1st Exodus was a mere foreshadowing of our greater
Exodus in the EndTime
and we like them have the
Tabernacle and the ARK of the Covenant like them  And seeing we, the Last Children of Israel,
will have
Two Leaders just like Moses and Aaron and one of them is our King and the other our High Priest. Then why
wouldn't we also acquire the original GRAIL, as did our Christian brethren in the past.

For in the tribulation, we  will have the Aaron lineage to take care of the Tabernacle and the ARK. And yet we won't be
doing Old Testament rituals ... but the New Testament One because the Old has been done away with by the New
Communion.. by the coming of the Messiah  The Ark contains the Old, and the stone tablets of the law which brought us
unto Christ, but now we have the New Testament written in our hearts by the Blood of Jesus. So what ritual will we be
doing in the wilderness.... COMMUNION. for we are not Jews but Christians?  We will not be awaiting the 1st coming of
the Messiah but the 2nd Coming. And he promised to provide for us and reside with us in His Holy place within the
Tabernacle. His Spirit will be above the Ark and His cloud will shadow us by day, and his column of fire surrounds us by
night. (Joel 2)

Communion is the only Ritual, the Lord asked us to do and celebrate in remembrance of Him. It is the most sacred and
most uniting and spiritual joining of hearts and minds and bodies possible. It is our way of uniting with our Bridegroom, to
become ONE. And so we will be breaking His bread in rembrance of Him for our healing and drinking His symbolic wine
during the Tribulation. But from what CUP shall we drink His blood from..Shall we buy one, or make one ? Shall we just
take one that seems suitable and useable and just use it, hoping it is sacred. Or do we need the real thing, the real Cup of
the Lord.

Well the Lord already used a Cup when He had the first 'Last Supper' And they did use only One Cup and all drank from
the One CUP ....and it was surely a Cup given by Joseph of Aramithia....one of the Lord's greatest disciples although not
one of the apostles.

    1Cor 11:25-27
         After the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, This CUP is
         the New testament in my Blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of
         me. For as often as ye eat this bread, and drink this cup, ye do shew the Lord's death
         till he come. Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the
         Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.

And so we are to celebrate the Lord's death until he comes by drinking from a ONE CUP drunken from by all believers.
And seeing we will be having the continum of the Ark and Tabernacle, then why not also the continuum of the GRAIL of
the Lord from the very first Communion, so that it can be used again in the END-TIME.

I mean, Joseph of Aramithia was said to have used this same Grail or Cup of the Lord to have literally caught the blood
from the side of the Lord when pierced by the Roman soldier. So would not the literal Grail have had the literal blood of
the Lord within its CUP. And isn't this why, this sacred blood of the Creator made the Grail so powerful .....even as it was
taken to England by Joseph and the Mary's
Holy Grail, Templars and Church History)

For there in England, it later was hidden and rediscovered by the Knights of Arthur the Christian King of England. And
didn't it then come under the possession of the Christian Knights of the Temple at Jerusalem, which were later called the
Templars. And weren't they then forced to hide it when the Roman Catholic Church started their jealous persecution of
them in the late 1300's. And so in my opinion, from this reasoning and many others, I would think and speculate that we,
the Lord's End-Time people reacquire and find the Holy Grail, not for its financial rewards, but because of its spiritual
useage for us in the Lord's design and according to His prophecy.

For it is said, that the Mystery of the Grail is in knowing to 'To whom does the Grail serve?' and we know. It serves the
Lord and His people !! So do our leaders find the Ark and the Tabernacle ...Yes. And do they find the Grail for use in our
most important ritual within the Tabernacle ... YES in my opinion. And will the Grail be placed upon the Mercy Seat
above the ARK of the Covenant so that the New Covenant of the blood of Christ fulfills and is above the level of the 10
laws of stone. YES in my opinion.

For remember our Lord said 'This Cup is the New Testament in my Blood, which is shed for you. (Luke 22: 20). So its
reasonable to think that we should drink of this same CUP that literally held the Blood of the Lamb ... the Holy Grail.

In my opinion   

Holy Grail