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Lock Ness Monsters and Sighting
The Lock Ness Monster and Monsters around the world are no more than  sea creatures that escaped the
devastation of the Great Flood of Noah. Why, because the Flood has been shown to have happenned
scientifically and is even recorded in almost all ancient histories. So obviously, a deep sea monster could
have survived the rising of the waters with the influx of water from above and below

                 Job 38:8  
                             Or who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake
                             forth, as if it had issued out of the womb ?

And even though the dinosaurs didn't make it through the Flood

                  Genesis 7:11  
                             In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second
                             month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day
                             were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and
                             the windows of heaven were opened.      
 ........... the Lock Ness Monsters of this world did survive. and are now living and reproducing in deep lakes
around the world. For again, are they not the 'Leviathans', the Lord said He created and controls in Job 41.

 I mean Joy and I saw a Lock Ness Monster not in Scotland but here in British Columbia. For back in
1987, Joy and I had stopped to pick-up a hitch-hiker along the road to Salmon Arm in central British
Columbia. She sat in the back seat of our van while we traveled alongside Little Shuswap Lake, past Little
River, onto Big Shuswap Lake. It was late fall and the salmon were running upstream towards the world
famous Adam’s River Run. We were just at the Little River Marina, looking out, expecting possibly to see
some signs of the salmon migration.

 But rounding a corner in the highway, we were instantly struck by the sight of large waves emanating
from a central hump. We looked some more, Joy seeing better and more than I, for I was supposed to be
driving with due care and attention. But we both saw a head protruding from the water and a hump behind
it. It came up and then went down…and then only the hump showed. I jammed on the brakes, and Joy and I
ran over to the side of the road, my loaded camera in hand. (The Indian girl didn't’ want to come and
wasn't’ interested and so remained in van). After I got set-up I pointed and pointed my camera hoping for
its head to reappear, but alas it had come and gone and only the waves remained as they were lapping both
shores because of the tremendous size of this ‘swimming monster.’

 We have only told a few people these details because it wasn’t very acceptable back then in about 87. Yet
in the years between many other sightings have been recorded and they described the same thing we saw.  
I mean recently a swimmer doing a marathon swim down the complete Okanogan Lake to the south of
here, was approached from below by a large and small ‘Ogopogo’ family unit of Lock Ness Monsters, which
apparently out of curiosity followed him for about ten minutes. Was he hallucinating ? I don't think so, as
his companion boat, saw the shadows.

 But you may ask why would our Lock Ness Monster, be where we saw it in such shallow water (maybe 30
feet). The answer to me seems to be that it was feeding on the salmon that were heading upstream right
through its path and into its trap. With such a suction, surely it could feed on the salmon moving through
its entrapment with ease.

 Was it a boat ? NO, boats do not make perfect circular waves without either being in the center or trying
to speed through its creation, ruining the perfect circles. And then again, there is nothing in this world
that can make circular waves the SIZE we saw. They must have been at least 2 feet from trough to crest. So
with such a vacuuming action or something beyond the normal aquatic life, this creature of the deep,
ventured into shallower water to dine, to gorge itself in preparation for the approaching winter, in my
opinion. Joy saw its head very distinctly and the hump behind it, and it was definitely not a figment of our

 Dozens of other people have seen it, and maybe thousands of people have seen this same Lock ness type
creature in the Okanogan Lake system just to the south. So do they exist, YES, of course they do. All these
people aren't lying and seeing things. Lock Ness Monsters are real but they aren't monsters just huge sea
creatures, or should I say fresh water creatures.They obviously survived the Great Flood or have come from
deeper caverns via the Hollow Earth. But whatever way, you look at it and from whatever angle, the Loch
Ness Monsters of this world are not only possible but probable and very real.

In our opinions

Jay and Joy