Goddess Trixie
I had this dream, when I was eleven years old. It happened when I was in the Philippines, I was having to live on my own and got
this job as a nanny for these three beautiful children. I had been left to take care of these children while the parents were gone off to
God knows where. So the children were under my protection and I was suppose to provide them with food and shelter. I did that.
Pay the rent and find food for them, sometimes given by caring neighbors. But being so young, I was not able to provide much
more but I did the best I could for them. Hoping the parents would come back from their travels.
A close-by neighbor knew how close I was to these children and they were very touched by how responsible I was to them. So
they got the surrounding neighbors to pitch in to help me.

The youngest of the three children was only three years old, then nine, and the oldest being ten, while I was the eldest at 11 years
old. But the people saying that I am more the mother of the children than their real mother, who had run away.

I sacrificed everything I have, plus I don't get paid. I am only supposed to be their nanny. I did not expected that I will be their
mother for a whole two years.  But meanwhile, waiting for the parents to return, I manage to put the older two into school. They
were every nice kids. They did well in school. They said that they have to do good for my sake but I told them that they just have
to do good for themselves and not to worry what I think, but they won't listen to me. The kids said they loved me more than they
loved their own parents. Anyhow one night, the father came home. I don't know where he had been and he didn’t say, but he
seemed so down and tired. I cook food for him and look after him.

During a few days after, the mother came home as well. She saw that the children were well taking care of and not starving, so she
got mad and accuse me off stealing from them. The father stood up for me but he can't do too much for he does not have the money
to help me as he didn’t even have a job. The wife came from the rich family and being a model, was just into keeping her
beauty and figure and just didn’t care about her children. She was terribly spoiled and out of control.

After all that I had done for their children, all I got was hurt and accusations. So I left. It tore my heart apart and the children
begging to come with me but I could not take them away from their parents. Besides how will I suppose to provide for them with
all their needs. I was just a kid. When the neighbor heard what happened they came to my rescue. One took me in and yet the land-
lord kicked out the mother, father and kids from their apartment because they hadn’t paid rent for two years, while they were
away. I don’t know what happened to them after that.

Anyhow, during my time with the good neighbor, the land-lord was planning to dig up the foundation of their building. They
thought that there was a hidden treasure hidden beneath left there by the Spanish. But before the project took place

I was gone and found another employer. The day I was suppose to leave their home, on that very night I had a dream. I dreamt
that there was truly a treasure hidden beneath the foundation but it was not the landlord’s foundation. It was rather, under the
foundation of the people who took me in, the neighbors and not under the landlord’s foundation. I knew where it was, I saw
the location. And I knew how much is in there. But in the dream, there was a little person who was watching over this treasure. He
was the spiritual guardian of the treasure. And he told me that they would never find his tresaure. He told me that these people
who seek the treasure will use it in the wrong way. So he said, “No matter how long they dig, they will never have it.�

And he went on to say, there is something the finder has to do if ever that treasure is to be given to right one. For they have to
perform a type of ritual and give the right sacrifice, and from the right kind of animal. You see, he said, “It is not easy. It is not
like finding a treasure. It is more than that.�

He also told me that people would die and yet never enjoy the treasure. I also know his look. In the ordinary way, he is very
scary. He is ugly in a sense and very smelly. But to me, he is very nice, good looking guy with red curly hair. He was so serious
about his job. I think if anyone would ever come close to finding that treasure, he would fight them or repel them, as he seemed to
be able to send out his stench outward. He won't give up the treasure easily. He also showed me where the treasure was buried.
The exact location and I saw it. I am sure that until now he is still there, squatting and guarding that treasure until the rightful
owner comes along.

I also think the reason why he trusted me about the treasure was, because he knew me. I don't how it happened but I just know, he
knew me. And when in our talking, he knew I wouldn’t betray him, I woke up.
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