Goddess Trixie
This is a true story, not a dream nor a vision but what I really experienced. When I was little about nine and a half years old, this is
what happened to me.

One afternoon on my way home after school, I was walking along all by myself through this forest, as it was the path I took to and
from school everyday. About three quarters on the way back home, I noticed that the path seemed different, it seemed to be taking
a different course.  It was smooth and not the way it usually is and what I was used to.

But because I was used to the rest of the surroundings, I just overlooked this until I got close to this huge tree. Hopping along and
just merrily going on my journey I suddenly stopped. Instantly I looked up and there it was this tree that I was used to seeing
from a distance, but this time I was right underneath it. It was so big. I had always admired it from afar and looked at even when
others had been walking with me on the original pathway. There was something special about it.

Others had made fun of me, for admiring it so much. They were saying, that I belong there with this tree. But I really didn’t
pay attention to them. Yet this time I am there all alone. And when I look up, there I saw little lanterns hanging by ropes and all
connected together with the other trees. The whole place was so beautiful.

I just stood there in awe and never said a word. I was totally mesmerized by the beauty of the place. Not knowing that I am
standing right beside this small table at the base of the trunk. I looked at the table and then noticed a little man and a little woman,
both about my size, but a father and a mother as they had two children. One is a boy and the other is a girl.  The man is sitting
down as if he is the head of the family and the woman is still serving and taking care of the two kids.

The little man of only about three and a half feet tall, then spoke to me, saying that they knew that I was coming. And so they
literally and intentionally made my path bring me to them. He realized that I knew the path was rather strange this time. And yet I
just kept on walking which is exactly what they expected from me. He told me that this is his family, his wife and his two children.
He said ‘We have been waiting, and now was the right time to meet you.’

The father invited me to sit and I did. As soon as I was seated, the daughter sat next to me and I remember her being so nice to me.
She touched my hair and said ‘Your hair is very nice’. The mother was still serving and I saw the son sitting down on my
right side by now. The food was cabbage stew. And it smelled delicious and I was hungry.

The father told me about the others that lived there. The place is like a little community, lots of neighbors. He told me that they
were farmers like him. The live on the land but no one can see them unless they want to show themselves. The father told me also
that not all of his people were ‘nice’, some he said were ‘bad’. But he said that I should not be afraid for he would
protect me. He said that no one in that village will ever hurt me. And that he would protect me all the time, wherever I am. And
after that, he said he would lead me home but to find my way back, I had to invert my clothes inside out.

But said, ‘Once you invert them you won’t be able to see us, or where you came from. So he took me back to the original
pathway, I inverted my clothes and could no longer see him anymore. It was getting darker and darker and yet I made my way
back home. The father walk me almost to my place. I think when he knew that I am not in danger anymore he disappeared.

It was dark when I got home and I got in trouble for being late but I didn’t tell anyone, what happened to me. I knew they
won't believe me anyway, so I just keep it to myself. But I still do miss them, these friends of mine from so long ago. The daughter
was so friendly to me. The mother never said anything, but I’m sure she was nice just as was the son. He did smile at me and I
think he liked me too. They are normal and a good-looking family. I only wish now that I can see them again but nevertheless, I
know that they are always with me. I hope some of you will have a chance to see and met them.

The little people, but if you do, be respectful and be aware as well, for not all are nice.
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