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Lion defeats the Bull
I watched a TV program concerning a family of famous matadors from Spain a few nights back. It showed the artistry and
bravery of their rather gruesome and seemingly brutal sport. Yet the bravery of these men stuck with me, in a man killing a
huge bull.

In mythology, it was the same as Hercules killing the invincible almost indestructible lion with his bare hands, so that he
could later use the lion’s carcass as a means of protecting himself in his next battle. Too much like David the shepherd
boy slaying the lion before slaying the enemies of the Lord. Too much like Samson and his true riddle about the carcass of
the lion from which came sweetness.


But the honey also represents the sexuality of life giving seed and receiving His seed sexually ….


Receiving His word, His seed is what makes us strong, so is this what the mystery of the afterlife is about, and the
mystery written in the skies when seeing the lion that conquers the bull, with his bravery.

Because prophetically speaking the High Priest Esdras (Ezra) stated in Esdras 12 that a lion would come be the victor over
the eagle. The Lion being our earthly king from the loins of King David of Old, the lion being the LION of the TRIBE OF
JUDAH, like his spiritual father JESUS. Our TWO WITNESSES, the lion and lioness, bringing down the six trumpets of
tribulation upon the beastly Anti Christ …..  


But it is stated that with solar sun, time was measured via the bull of Taurus rather than by the lion of Leo. And so it is
that even the Great Hunter in the sky, Orion shows that he (also representing the Lord will defeat the Horns of the Bull,
Taurus and bring in the Lion King of Regulus

For the star ‘Regulus’ in the heart of the configuration or constellation of Leo does mean king, and from this straight
line of descent shall the Lord return as the conquering hero back to EARTH at the Battle of Armageddon?

A man, as a lion, or at least who has defeated lions, shall become strong as a lion and defeat the great bull. Hence the
matador show all the more has ingrained itself in my memory as an archetype rather than just a show about matadors. It is
a truth written in the night sky, and it will come to pass.

Messianic Story in the Stars.html

For the heavens declare the glory of God and the stars His handiwork

And everything is by design and not by chance….. everything shows the Lord’s might and VICTORY over evil and the
beastly BULL.



PS) Much more later…