David Jay Jordan's

  'Light Years' are Meaningless

 Because there are speeds above the used to
be limit of light speed, it means that all those
distances you heard about before are now null
and void. A light year meaning the distance it
takes for light to travel in one year, no longer applies as the limit of creation. Consequently let's say if a star
is 500,000 light years away from us in finite distance, it does not mean it existed 500,000 years ago. The
light that star gave off did NOT necessary take 500,000 years to get to planet Earth. Why, because when
the Lord created the Universes and all the Stars in the Heavens, He did it obviously above the speed of light
and beyond time. Again, you should ask why....well the reason is that light speed is the barrier below which
all material things exist. Electrons and nuclear particles in our electromagnetic spectrum travel at or just
below light speed, yet were produced or slowed down into the material world from the spiritual world. And
in the spirit realm they are going much beyond LIGHT SPEED.

 Similarly realise that the Lord created all the light from the stars pointing to Earth and in every direction all
at once. It was not a matter of creating the star and then waiting for the light to read Earth. Light was created
on Day 1 of Genesis, whereas the stars came later.

So, folks, you can throw out all those old ancient 'light year theories ' that have boggled your brain towards
evolution and millions and billions of years of supposed chance irrational design without a GOD or Creator.
For just like the insanity of the millions and billions of years supposedly taken for the rocks and animals to
evolve and change on Earth, it's all been just a lie and a fabrication of science, as true science is now finding
out. So get with it, and forsake those worn out concepts of the past and get beyond light speed (at
Ratios) with the Creator and His Name is JESUS.

In His Scientific Service

David Jay Jordan
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