Lightning, Electricity and Sex

Lightning in scriptures surrounds the Throne of God, and is a symbol of the Lords POWER and is one and the same with
His Thunderous VOICE. When He speaks, we had better listen because His words are fire (Jeremiah 23:29 Is not my word
like as a fire? saith the LORD;) or electricity or lightning from the heavenlies. For this is why his witnesses can literally
incinerate any that oppose their mission for the Lord with their words. The Word is a Fire.¦It is electrical !!  It can
empower and heal or destroy.

I mean in the physical realm that parallels the spiritual dimension, sound is no more than slowed down light. When light
waves are octaved down 2 to the 44th power they turn into sound waves. In other words light can be transformed into sound,
which is exactly what we should realise in the spiritual. The Lord, who is the Ultimate Light of All things can speak to us
literally if we are in tune with His still small voice or if we can hear his louder voice through his creation (called
lightning) and its effects. (sometimes called judgments)

For again, if you study lightning in esoteric scriptures it is the male principle that enlightens the darkness of the female.
This of course being sexual in nature because all creation by its very nature is sexual itself otherwise it would not be
fruitful and have been able to multiply, as commended by the Lord.

And so when in
Science you find out that lightning actually fertilizes plant life, then you start to catch this connection.
Lightning when traveling through the air, electrifies the atmosphere causing nitrogen to be released downward as a
precipitate upon the plants below. This gives them a boost organically which is why the grass can be so much greener a few
days after a lightning storm even if there was little or no rain. For without lightning, the Earth's atmosphere wouldn't
yield its nitrogen content for the fertilization of the Lords plants.

And similarly, lightning creates ozone when it occurs which is a sterilizer. It burns away impurities, much the same way
as a regular fire would burn away the dross from metallic compounds. This is why restoration companies use an ozone
room to cleanse materials that have been contaminated. And this is why the Lord has put an ozone layer above us in the
atmosphere to protect us from harmful rays, just as he can protect us above from harmful diseases  and attacks of the

So the Lord is light and lightning, He is a Fire and he does travel in straight lines like light. Which is why  all churches
and temples are usually aligned so that His morning light enters their gates from the east with the rising Sun. And it
lightens the altar of the Holy Place, or sacred womb in the West. This is the format and sacred design of the Lords temple
and of course this has sexual implications as any reader and student of architecture knows. (See
Sacred Sex and

So Yes, light is electrical and is sexual which is why you get an electrical explosion of light when reaching climaxing and
why you can literally see stars when you reach that height. For believe it or not, it is said, that our neurological lightning
rods in both genders actually pick up lightning from outside themselves at the moment of bliss rather than from inside.

This jolt of lightning that possesses us, can enlighten us, but at the least it can sterilize us. So it is no wonder that sex is
known to cure many diseases including cancer and arthritis. WHY because lightning does the same thing in the rest of
creation. It  sterilizes and burns away impurities. It realigns our bodies electrically and brings them back into a state of
stability and rest. (See
Laying on of Bodies) And as we know, it can fertilize and bring new life into being by the miracles
of the Lord.

So if you see a flash of lightning, you might think more about the wonder working miracles of the Lords Creation, for he
is the
Creator of all things.

In my opinion according to all truths whether scriptures or true science

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