Light Speed Proves 'God's Design'

If we can prove mathematically that there are relationships and functions between the speed of light and the size of
the Earth and the speed of its rotation, meaning time, then it will show that the Creator of Light was also the Master
Creator of  matter as well, so that both energy and matter would fit together to form a unified plan and purpose. So
read on and we will prove it for you, if you needed proof of the existence and of God's Design.

O.K. to start with, we found out that a meter is not a random measure but is based on the speed of light and the
circumference of the Earth, which means the speed of light and the circumference of the Earth are related. SEE One
Earth Meter Posting. In other words, light speed is NOT, I repeat not geared to other planets and other solar systems
and other universes. The Earth is not just another planet in the myriad of Planets but the Home of the Lord of Lords
and King of Kings.  SEE
The Earth is the Center of the Universe

The Earth was specifically designed by the Lord, to be the home of His Eternal City..New Jerusalem as the
Headquarters of the whole Universe. It is NOT just a speck of sand in the ocean of planets. Because the Earth is the
very specific  planet on which the Creator of the Universe ever lived and died, and that only Once. (SEE
Jesus is the
Creator)  I know, I know, you will say that is religion, but it is for this reason that the Earth has the proper PHI
dynamic ratio in its diamter of 7920 miles, which when added to the Moon's diameter of 2160 miles adds up to  10080
miles, which is 1.272 larger than the Earth's diamter, because it was designed perfectly by the One and Only Perfect

This means that the size of the Earth and Moon were designed supernaturally to fit into the Phi Template, not by
accident or a big bang  chance'  but by design. To show this graphically go to
Phi, Earth, and Moon Graphics, or to the
Golden Section Class, which shows how even our bodies are Phi-designed to be beautiful according to this same
beautiful proportion. In other words, our heavenly bodies are designed by the same POWER as the heavenly bodies in
space .... same Creator using the same beautiful pattern. Phi, is an integral part of equations involving the  Speed of

 But let's get on to some equations from some of the other postings.

m= meter = 1/10,000,000 of the Earth's Circumference from Pole to Equator
M= megameter or 10,000,000 meters
c= speed of light = 299,792,000 m/sec
d= s times t (distance equals speed multiplied by time)
A.U. = Distance from Earth to Sun
m = c(sec)/299,792,000
Therefore m= 1/10,000,000 of Earth's 1/4 Circumference = c(sec)/299,792,000

Do you see the relationship between the Earth and the Speed of Light and then when you add in the equation of the  
Parthenon and the Speed of Light , and the equation from the LIX Number
you get

c = phi (M) (600')/seconds

c = (A.U.)/500seconds = 4.9' x M (10,000) = phi ' x (M) (100,000)

Therefore Light Speed and Phi are intimately related and that with the Distance between the Earth and the Sun.
Because "Light Speed is measured in Earth seconds and the mean distance of the Earth from the Sun is a function of
the Golden Section and the number 33". SEE
Absolute 33

And if this isn't enough proof for you, even the Circumference of the Earth is integrated with the speed of the Earth's
rotation (time)...again with the speed of Light  according to the
Earth's Fundamental Frequency called the Schuman
Frequency. Why because the speed of light circling the Earth gives us our basic frequency of 7.83 hertz. Simplified it
is  just the Earth's circumference, approxiamtely 25,000 miles divided by the speed of light of 186,000 m.p.second..
again meaning light speed gives us our fundamental tone. Therefore Light is not a separate force but integrated
intimately with the Earth. It had to be created, by the same Force that created the Earth. For as mentioned, the Earth's
exact size is not by chance but by design and it's spin matches its size perfectly and its all co-relasted with the speed of

And if we go beyond Light Speed, because all matter's electrons are bound below light speed we enter into the spiritual
realm as Einstein proved. SEE
Einstein and the Speed of Light And there we can find the One that created Light and
its Speed.

For Truth is One, Creation fits into One, and He is One, and He is the

Don't you agree even mathematically?


David Jay Jordan