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Levitation and Magic Squares

   Can I tell you now to levitate ? NO. I havent personally done it but I can see that doing so could be in the WILL of God. Why,
because, the Bible and various scriptures do contain instances where people have been transmigrated to different places to witness
and win others to the Lord. (SEE
Transmigration Posting). In the End Time, we wont always be able to travel, the old fashioned
conventional way with planes, trains and cars. Sometimes travel security restrictions will seemingly bind us, and time
constrictions almost rule out doing what we are compelled by the Lord to do. So why wouldn't transmigration or literal levitation
to other places be one of the ˜
Exploits' we shall be doing in the LATTER DAYS. Why cant we believe in miracles, not for show
and our own personal glory, but in helping others KNOW the Lord, and bringing our brethren together in the
GATHERING. Why cant we pray and believe, and not just 'Move Mountains' but move ourselves from place to place when in the

   For even Jesus said the wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh
and whether it goeth, so is everyone that is born of the Spirit (John 3: 8). So why cant we believe these truths literally, for Jesus
said we had the power within us to do so. Phillip did it, when the eunuch needed to be witnessed to, so why not us ? (Acts 8)

   All it takes is FAITH and PRAYER. And it certainly doesnt decrease our faith to know that the Lord was the Creator and that in
His Physics all things are harmonic and obedient to His Voice according to His NAME. Numbers and science and math dont
decrease our faith, but should increase our absolute knowledge in knowing that all things must obey his laws of the spirit and
laws of nature. We have nothing to fear except fear itself, for fear is the opposite of FAITH, and He said All things are possible to
us that believe’ So let’s believe and concentrate and MOVE. Amen?

   So what do we do literally besides just pray and believe to levitate. Well, as mentioned I dont know, but then again prayer is
concentration and focus. We have to totally forget the outside world and ourselves and just will to be in His Spirit and Presence.
Surely there is no other way, for all exploits of all the men and women of the Lord have always been when they just concentrated
on the Lord rather than themselves and their own shortcomings. If we havent learned to shut out the world and the doubts of
conditions and circumstances, then we wont be able to defy gravity nor transmigrate. We have to be focused on Jesus and His
power , rather than our own, which is nothing. We have to look at Jesus rather than on the waves and conditions. For isn;t this
what Peter did when he walked on the water towards our Saviour ? (SEE
Walking on Water, All things OBEY)

   I mean if stupid man made inventions like planes can counter the effects of gravity why not us, who are
Made in the Image of
God. The Searle Flying Disk, could gather orgonic sexual free energy from space, and levitate and move, so why cant we ? What
would prevent us, except for our doubts and fears ?

   Orgonic energy is the attraction of free electrons to life itself, so seeing we are alive and sexual, why couldnt we draw the
power of the spirit from the air also ? (Consider
William Reich and Orgon) There is nothing made or nothing more highly
technologically advanced than our body, so why should we look to external man made devises like the world. We, have the phi
template incorporated right into our heavenly physical design, so we have the power to magnify the little mustard seed of power
within us. (SEE
Graphics and 33 levels to Bliss). Hence we have the equipment at hand, right within our own design, and the
power of our minds in focusing on Him can surely free us from our physical bodies or even take them along with us to other
physical destinations if that be the Lord WILL.

   The dark side uses various ˜mandala or geometric symbols of demonic entities to get in the wrong spirit, but that shouldnt stop
us from using the Lords symbols to do the same when praying in the
Right Spirit. We could concentrate on His Cross, to focus
us on His sacrifice. We might even concentrate on the
Star of David, his electrical symbol of Creation and power, or Gaspâ even
a pentagram, because it shows his PHI proportions in its heavenly created shape. Do we worship things or designs, absolutely
NOT, we worship the Lord and only want to free our minds into concentrating on Him and Him alone. Can we use His shapes,
absolutely. stars are not evil, squares are not evil, circles and lines are not evil just because the dark side uses them in the wrong
configurations for the wrong motives. We can use anything for the Lord, because all things were created by Him and the dam
devil has created absolutely nothing. We are not limited by the devil uses of what the Lord created.

   But what about numbers, can we stare and concentrate on the beauty and symmetry of numbers as in a magic square to
elevate us. I dont know ? But why not ? I mean it has been proven beyond any doubt that the
Magic Square of the Sun/SON is
definitely balanced and equal and harmonic, so whether subconsciously or consciously couldnt such beauty and balance and
harmony align our hearts and brains to HIM. He is the author of numbers and equality and harmony, so why not ?

   I mean the gateway to the spirit world seems to be at
111 hertz, and in His Magic Square, the lines add up to 111, whether one
goes horizontally or vertically. And the pairings of the numbers that add up to 37 or the
Fine Structure Constant in the microcosm
of atoms are also perfectly balanced, so why couldnt such number placements in time and space, put us into a timeless space
where we could be in the SPIRIT. These rings of absolute symmetry inside the magic square were used by Searle in His material
flying disk, so why not within us as well ?

   For again,  when we can center our emotions and lower our brain waves to the low frequencies, of concentration and
meditation at possibly 11 hertz or 16.5 hertz, why would it be strange to think we could enter His Tabernacle which has a phi
resonant frequency of
33 hertz. Harmony is a part of His Creation, and is the very reason why we could have access to His
presence. The Only limiting factor would be that we absolutely have to be in tune with Him, for no others can approach His

    Knowing the numbers would not give access, but having his literal and exact frequency within our hearts would. Our love for
Him could not be counterfeited, and it is not a literary term, but His '
love is a literal wave' just as in Physics.   For just as in the
physical realm, invisible waves can only center down to the Center of any
PHI Spiral if they are non-destructable and shareable,
so with the Lords love. For it takes the Lords love, to compress and get to the point of POWER, for only then would that person
use His Power for good and love rather than their own selfish purposes.

So can the
Magic Square of the Sun/SON help you concentrate and levitate and transmigrate,. I dont know ? But here's a possible
print out of these
Levitation Numbers, tell me your results. GBY !


David Jay Jordan

Written December 2005


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