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The PYRE-amids had literal spiritual power, because they were harmonic with the Earth, in design, proportion as well as
showing Prophecy in their measurements.

Anyway, lets get more specific and personal and even sexual, and FLY. Or lift someone up. Its called levitation, and apparrently
this simple party levitation is a precursor to personal leviatation, or as Trixie has always wanted to do, levitate the bad, to jolt
them into the FEAR OF THE LORD, for their evil deeds. (And I'll relate the spiritual science of Giza and our temple to you

So using this hyperlink, study, read, research, and literally in this case you don't have to BELIEVE, you just have to do because
it is not determined by your mind set, but only by your alignment with the power of the earth and the power that four temples
or people have on a central Kings Chamber or person. And Viola, we have levitation.

  From  ... http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/antigravityworldgrid/ciencia_antigravi\tyworldgrid03.htm


""The principle of diamagnetism which underlies human-induced levitation and anti-gravity vortexes on the planet can be
demonstrated simply in what I call the human gravity antenna. Diamagnetism (explained below) is essentially a magnetic-neutral
zone existing between a north and south magnetic field, which can be exploited for purposes of levitation. As I will indicate
below, there are many such "magnetic flow reversal points" on the Earth marked by Grid points.

An arrangement of five human beings can be used as a quadruple gravity antenna to perform levitation of the central person. The
weight of the central person, thelevitatee, does not matter nor is the lack of strength or size of the four levitators important.
What is important is the form of the quadropolar positions around the central levitatee (See Diagram 1). Here are a few pointers
to keep in mind.

First, the levitators should be positioned 45 degrees off the magnetic compass direction of north, south, east, and west for
maximum effectiveness. Second, alternation of male and female sex of the levitators adds to the gravity antenna's power. Third,
the hand stack on the head of the central levitatee by the levitators should not have like-gendered (male/male, female/female)
hands touching. Fourth, there's no need to think of anything—just hold the hands stacked on the levitatee's head for a count of
ten. On the tenth count remove the stacked hands quickly and place one finger each on the four corners of the chair. The person
in charge of counting says "lift" and up goes the levitatee. Now let's examine this phenomenon I like to call "Party Levitation" in
more specific and practical detail.

To do Party Levitation you will need five people, one to be levitated—henceforth to be called the levitatee— and four to do
the levitating—henceforth to be called the levitators. The levitatee sits in a chair and the four levitators stand around him so that
they form a square. One levitator should stand to the levitatee's left, and just behind his shoulder. Another levitator should stand
in front of him and to his left, close to his left knee. The other two should stand on the right side of the levitatee's body and in
similar positions.

Now the object of Party Levitation is to make the levitatee's body so light in weight that the four levitators can lift him several
feet into the air using a single finger each. If the experiment is performed properly none of the levitators will feel
the slightest resistance to their efforts. It will be as if the levitatee's body has lost its weight entirely. While the levitatee is
sitting, the four levitators surround him in the manner indicated and place their hands, one atop the other, on his head, as if they
were healing him by the LAYING ON OF HANDS..

The person who is going to float must sit relaxed in a straightbacked chair with his legs together, his feet on the floor, and his
hands in his lap. The other four participants now stand two on each side of the seated party, one at each shoulder and one at the
knee. Instruct all four to extend their arms and place their closed fists together, closed except for the forefingers which should be
extended and touching each other along their lengths as shown. The person nearest the seated man's left shoulder is now asked to
place his two extended fingers, palms downwards, beneath his left armpit. Likewise, his opposite number inserts his forefingers
beneath the right armpit, and again the other two respectively beneath the seated man's knees.

Now invite the four assistants to lift the man in this position, using only these extended fingers. However hard they try, it is
impossible. As soon as you have registered their inability to do so, ask them to stack their hands alternately, one on top of the
other on the man's head, in such a way that no person has his own two hands together, and then to exert a steady pressure
downwards. As they keep this up you count to ten. On the count "nine", they must withdraw their hands quickly from his head
and resume their earlier positions with their extended forefingers. On the count of "ten" they must try again to lift the man with
those fingers alone. This time he will go soaring into the air with no difficulty whatsoever.""

Try this and experience it, so that we can go further to understanding how a phi pyramid, just like our [phi designed bodies can
impart leviatation power to whatever is inside a pyramid.

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