David Jay Jordan's

                          Laws of Love and Non-Condemnation

Wait a minute, you might be saying to yourself, you can't have love and sex without condemnation, it goes with the territory
Right ? Wrong, but you are pretty right because man's law is not God's law and even though most will tell us this or that is
outside God’s Will or outside so-called human acceptable sexual behavior, is it really ?

These questions you literally have to find out yourself, and nobody can tell you. It has to be your own personal search and
decision making because it is your own personal life to lead. So remember as the Good Sexual Book says, if it is not done in
faith it is sin. And the only way to truly have faith is to know the Words of the Lord. For if you don't and aren't sure of the
freedom and responsibilities involved then surely there is no other area of life where more condemnation can enter in into For
not only you can condemn yourself, but a multitude of  religionists will be more than happy to condemn you to substantiate
their claims to self-righteousness and purity.

You won't have to drop your spirituality to enter into a full sexual life of your choosing and you won't have to forget about
the Lord in doing this and start communing with the Devil as if He created it. NO, because the Lord created sex for our
pleasure and unity and multiplication and much more. So you won't be partaking of sin, but of sex, and besides if you choose
not to have sex because ofAny reason you choose, again there is no condemnation in Christ. No one can force you to have it
and no should be able to stop you if you are of age and it willingly given and received on all sides. Whooeee ……. so many
pitfalls and so many Problems can occur in the most intimate of all subjects and the closest one to our hearts, so surely it
should be the one we most research and study. Right ? Wrong, almost all people go with the flow of their local culture and for
convenience sake just adopt that life-style as their morality.

So there's our first clue, sexuality is almost totally dictated not by the Lord's laws but by people’s situations, For as you
know, what people do when traveling in a foreign country can be totally different that when living and working in their own
local little gossiping home town. People do what they can basically get away with and where their will be no condemnation,
and I am speaking about both males and females.

For if you didn't know it, in our culture if a woman is sexually active, it is as demeaning a slur as can be tossed against her,
And therefore for her to remain such, she almost has to do it full time and adopt such a life-style full-time. Ridiculous,
ludicrous, insane but such are our social norms in the West. But what about the Bible, you should be saying. Aren't we
suppose to be married to one mate and one mate only. Well, Yes, we are suppose to be married to the Lord first whether male
or female, so to start off with the great majority, don't even start off their sexual lives with the right priority, so how in heaven
or hell are they going to get the rest right ?

Biblically, almost all the great patriarchs of the Lord had more than one wife, and because the Lord didn't change that and
because he said there is no difference between males and females in His Equality, you can figure out what that can mean. If we
were strong enough in the Spirit to handle it. But man's laws says one on one, and so we comply, to again avoid trouble. But
loving one person does not mean that's the ideal, and doesn’t mean sexual exclusiveness is the ideal. For even a marriage
contract does not ensure martital mating after the initial consumation. Nothing does as love can’t be legislated.

But what are the possibilities, very few considering the circumstances we are in, and very dangerous considering the
sensitivities and lack of understanding among most of us. We just aren’t as strong in spirit as we pretend, and aren’t as
free and as liberal and as caring as we think we are, bar none. Because society has separated us so much into cold hardened
individuals controled by group condemnations and pressures, we just are in very poor shape for much sexual liberty at all.
Because sex should be like life, open and honest, and it should be a help not a hindrance. Those more sexually driven by
hormones shouldn’t be confined to live like normal hormoned people, whatever normal is. And those with little or no sex
drive shouldn’t be condemned to go at it because it is expected.

All should be able to choose, because there is an immense difference in our sexual drives. And hang onto your loin cloths, there
is an immense difference in our sexual orientations. Some of us just can’t be straight, no matter how much they try. Sure
some of these so-called crooked ones could be straightened out if the other opposite sex was more loving towards them, but,
some were just created by the Lord to be attracted to those of their same sex.

But wait a minute, is external genitalia, what dictates what we are, for some have both, and some have none, and some are
externally one way and internally another. So does the Lord understand YES. Do humans understand, in most cases NO,
because they take one verse out of context and say, the Lord created males and females and that's it. Sorry not so, he also
created enuchs and a vast array of non-gendered, mixed gendered individuals all over the world, who are all the Lord's children
and the Lord loves them and their heart if they love Him. So can we condemn them …No

Sure there are sins in sex and sins of the heart. And sure there are lots of sexual acts that are dirty and ungodly just as there are
a myriad of heart motivations while having sex that are sinful. So it all comes right back down to the heart, and knowing
ourselves and our hearts and motivations. So are not the Lord's Laws involved around the Heart? Is not His law the law of
love and the heart ? And aren't His laws in one area the life almost the same as other areas of life. Why is sex so different when
it is a part of life itself.

We are to first and foremost love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, strength and mind. So set your mind to
understanding sex and then you can relax and enjoy it even more, it it's the right time and place and with the right person or
persons. For if your heart is right and your motivations are right, then surely you can love your neighbor as yourself and not
hurt them or others or even yourself and your own self-esteem. For unto the pure all things are pure, if they know the Lord's
words and their own heart. To thine own self be true.Romans 8: 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are
in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Love in Jesus .......

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