David Jay Jordan's

                      Law of Love replaced by the 'LAW OF THE HEART'

Because people in their one demensional minds always seem to equate love with sex, it might be better to replace the oft
LAW of  LOVE with the easy to understand principle of the Lord called the "LAW OF THE HEART. This is
the law that the legalists couldn't circumvent., the one they couldn't pretend to have just as they couldn't pretend to have love.
They might do some of the actions associated with caring and helping to be seen of men and honored by mankind, but their
hearts weren't right according to the Lord's discernment. Because as Jesus, our Creator, has always said from the beginning He â
€˜seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart. (I Sam 16:7) And
as his Word says, "it is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart" (meaning the motivation of our actions).

So although our actions are very important , they are coupled with the motivation of why we are doing what we are doing and
whether we are Loving the Lord first and treating others as we would treat Him, even those that some would consider the least
of the brethren, like the drunks and harlots of our day.

No one can evade the Lord's vision as He sees the good and the evil that we do. No one can pretend to be sinless saints, and no
one can pretend to be righteous in His eyes, for only Jesus is RIGHTEOUS, all of us, even his friends are sinners. Nothing
more , nothing less, we are totally dependant on His Mercy and Grace and we have no righteousness of ourselves. And none
means none, zero, O. Consequently we are all equal whether male or female, rich or poor, brown or white or red, or black,
young or old, it matters not for the Lord is a discerner of our hearts not our age, race, sex, intelligence, number of talents we
have etc. etc. We are all loved and equal in His eyes.

So maybe the oft misunderstood and maligned Law OF LOVE should be replaced with the LAW of the HEART which cannot
be misunderstood by the Lord and by the hearts of those He has created, and who know in their hearts whether they are
obeying from the HEART.

For isn't this why the Lord said over and over again "BUT I (JESUS) say unto you in both Mathew 5 and Mathew 12. His
Law was the Law of the HEART and NOT the Law of flesh and legalism. It was not the law of the religionists but the Law of
Creation right to the HEART.

In my opinion according to all scriptures which all agree.