David Jay Jordan's

                        Law of Love, Science, and God

Could I try and give a better explanation of why there must be a "Law of Love" rather than the thousands of law books, or even
the Ten commandments. For as the prophets of God said the laws of stone had to be written 'into our hearts as one. It has to
become part of us by the Spirit. Jesus said all the law and the prophets is fulfilled in loving God and your neighbor as yourself
and the greatest. of these is loving the Lord yourGod with all your heart, soul, might, and mind. And doesn’t it say over and
over again that love is a fulfillment of the law? Its not talking about the System's love, or our love, or mere sexual love , but the
love of God which is no respector of persons whether rich or poor, young or old, Westerner or Easterner, etc. etc.

Everything fits together, all knowledge comes from the original source of all knowledge, the Creator.(John 1 -Jesus) Anyway with
a little fear ofRis awesome power and creativity, people can start to learn (Proverbs, Eccel. etc. etc.) I mean even in university,
students could or should be realizing the beauty of homeostasis (perfect balancing) of all systems seen or unseen. It didn't develop
but was established by an All-knowing creative force.

Statistically it is impossible to have happened by chance. so the only other option is that the stupidity of Evolution is a total lie
and creation is a scientific fact that isn't based on hope but scientific evidence.

For even Einstein in his attempts to prove there was one central force and one Creator, discovered the Law of Relativity. And in
so doing proved physically that there could be a co-existant spiritual world that parallels simultaneously our world. He proved
there was a spiritual dimension, a spiritual world beyond the bounds of space and time. (Revelations) His research, and further
experimentation and application proved and matched Biblical truths.

And for years and years after, Einstein went on to try and uncover the one and only law that unites all forces. He knew
instinctively that there had to be one force, one equation, one solution to all the known forces, equations and solutions. He wanted
to combine the nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity into one force, postulated in a Unifying Theory . Today, it is labeled
as the Big TOE theory, (
Theory of Everything) and it is the quest of some of the brightest minds. (mainly physicists) They want
to combine the five laws into one. How is this possible? Well Einstein with his E=mc squared equation showed that mass and
energy are interchangeable, although it takes an immense amount of energy to make a little mass. Of course with the Lord being
unlimited in his energy, his creating of mass still makes total sense.

Matter of fact, its impossible for Him to lose power, even if mass He created is destroyed. So anyway, his equation, shows the
invisible can produce the visible. All the physical world comes from forces, therefore it is logical that at High Planck energies there
is only one force, ONE LAW. This is what scientists are working on right now except that when they leave out the Creator of
Everything, they are unable to solve this most basic of all equations, because of their closed minds. Still the law of the Universe
does exist, and simply put its the Biblical "God is love" equation. He is the one force that created all forces and everything that He
created by the laws he created.

As Jesus said, beside Him there is no other God, no other force, no other power. This is the law of God, the law of Science, and
the Law of Love (because Love and God are interchangeable from the equation) So its obvious there is a Law of Love, it is how we
all got here and how everything came into existence. Surely some will say what is Science doing in Religion, the answer is simply
that Faith is knowing the word of God. Read it, see it, believe it.

Faith isn't hoping or dreaming, it doesn't come from ignorance but knowledge. The more you learn about the Creator, the more
faith you have, the more you learn about his World and his natural laws the more faith you get. (Conversely the more credit you
give the usurping Mother Nature and her cohort Evolutionary Chance, the less faith you have. ) So with an open mind, the study
of Science doesn't have to be frightening for Christians unless they are forced into evolutionary dogma by the fearful and less than
open-minded teachers. True World History, true Sciences, and true study of human nature aren't to be feared but searched for. All
knowledge fits together and is not segregated into little compartments.

Just as in the Trinity where the three are one, the Lords laws are One. They compliment one another and part of the whole.
Instead of the Ten Commandments which can be so easily skirted by the devious, the Lord showed there was a greater law of the
heart, the Law of Love, no one can get around this law. He can read your heart and motivation so all the laws can be united into
one, called the Law of Love. Its repeated over and over again in the Scriptures.

All truths fit together into one truth. And who is that One truth. Jesus, for as he said. ‘he is ‘the way, the truth and the lifeâ
€™ (John 14:6) So Faith is knowing the truths about the world, its people and its creation and especially its Creator, (the Word
of God).And hence, when you get to the ultimate truth of Jesus, then all truths become One as in John 16 that even we might all
be ONE.

For Everything with the Lord is heading back to His Unity, if we are in tune with Him. Even though people may not want to hear
it, true Science and true Religion or Christianity are ONE. There is the law of love.

IMO according to all Science and Scriptures


Jay (Jordan)