David Jay Jordan's

King David's Coronation

                                            In the End-Time

   The Lord shall give us, (Christians) a King and a High Priest in the End Time, as they are called the 'Two Witnesses' of
Revelation 11 and Zechariah 4. They are the two branches, the two pillars, the two olive trees, the two candlesticks of the Latter
Days. (SEE
There shall be two prophets). But although they prophesy together against the evil Anti-Christ King of this world and
His Anti-christ High Priest called the 'false prophet' (SEE Revelation 12) our two prophets,  each shall have separate ministries.
Our High Priest shall be in charge of the religious ceremonies within the Tabernacle of the Lord in the wilderness, whereas our
King shall have to judge the Lord's
144,000 and administer over our government. He will be a real King, but not over a worldly
nation but over the
New Nation of the Lord that will be formed in one day. But as our High priest shall have the original garments
and original Tabernacle and the original ARK, in my opinion (SEE
Ark and the Tabernacle) so must our King be rightly and
scripturally corronated on the Lord's Throne according to the promises of the Lord as given to Jacob.

   There is no other way, and hence our King in the End-Time must follow the true lineage of Jacob, on through King David of Old,
so as to fulfill the Lord's promises to both, but he also must be crowned on THE ROCK, on the literal
Coronation Stone, the Stone
of Destiny on which all the Kings of Israel at one time were enthroned upon. The children of Israel, carried it with them in the first
Exodus from Egypt, and it stayed with them until before their captivity into by Babylon. But then apparently from history, Jeremiah
the prophet, who also hid the Ark and the Tabernacle, took The Rock, to Ireland to establish the royal lineage of King David there.

   (Excerpt reposted from  
http://www.tartans.com/articles/stoneofscone.html)  "The current 'claimed' Stone of Scone, sits in
Edinburgh Castle, on loan to the people it was taken from by the English. It is to remain on loan, unless the need arises to crown a
new English King or Queen, after which it will be returned to the Scots. How did it get into the hands of the English? King Edward
I took it from Scone, Scotland, after the English defeated the Scots in 1296. For the last 700 years the Stone has been part of the
English monarchy's coronation chair. Why did Edward I take the Stone? He took it because of its great importance to the Scots, as
any king crowned on the Stone is considered to be the rightful ruler of their race. Thus Edward hoped to end forever any continued
resistance by the Scots to English rule. Is this the rightful or correct stone? It is hard to say, as many stories circulate on its validity
to this day."

   So the present location of the Stone of Coronation is debatable. Some say its in Scotland at Edinborough, others say it is hidden
at Rosselyn Chapel, others say, back in Scone or in Tara, in Ireland. Or maybe the Templars took it to New Scotland, in Nova
Scotia in Canada. Counterfeits can easily be made, by making a sandstone rock 26" by 16" by 11" weighing about 336 lbs, and then
putting a Latin Cross on it. But according to history, myth or legend the Stone will roar or sing ONLY when stood upon by the true
and rightful heir of Jacob's descent. In other words, stones can be used and faked in coronnating more British monarchs and even
the upcoming false King of the World the Anti-Christ who will pretend to be the fulfillment of all Biblical prophecy to both the
Jews and Christians, but the real Stone of destiny is reserved ONLY for our King in the End-Time. As the Stone's POWER is
meant and reserved for only us, that will be fulfilling the
Lord's Prophecy.

   And do you think,it strange that the Stone shall literally 'Roar'? NO, because only the Lion of the Tribe of Judah that will Roar
out the words of the Lord in the End-Time.  For as the High Priest Ezra said, "   And I saw,  and  behold as a lion raised out of the
wood ROARING: and I saw that he sent out a man's voice to the eagle.(the
Anti-Christ).  And he spake saying.  Hear thou, and I wil
speak to thee, and the Highest will say to thee: ... as the Lord flames the Evil One with His words. (SEE
Firebreathing Prophets and
II Esdras 11: 37,38)

   So let's look at more prophecies concerning the ROCK, from the Rock of our Salvation,
Jesus.  For from  the previous
articles/stoneofscone.html,  with my comments afterwards in parenthesis ... ((..)) --- "It is said that Stone will one-day return to
Israel ahead of a great mass of its people, ((Exactly !!  because Our once and future King Arthur prophesied as the new King David
in the End-Time will not reside in England but must return to the Holy Land and '
Gather' the lost sheep of the house of Israel)...
will have to be crowned by the Lord via the STONE, as is required by prophecy which is the Lord's Word)) And when it does, the
Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt. ((Very true, because the rebuilding of the Jewish temple on the Temple Mount will only take
place after the Mid-East political military, economic, religious COVENANT is signed, in the near future. (SEE  
Daniel Timeline)
And so the rightful usage  of the Stone co-incidencs with the rebuilding of the 3rd counterfeit Temple in Jerusalem. For at that
time, the Jews shall also have had  to counterfeit a long lost ARK to supposedly confirm their hold on the sacred. Except the
eventual King of the world they enthrone in the 3rd Temple won't be the Lord's King, but the world's, and all the world will bow to
the Anti-Christ. But we will flee and follow our King and High Priest into the wilderness where the Lord has prepared a place for
us during the Tribulation.

   So in my opinion from history, the promises to Jacob and King David of Old shall be fulfilled literally here on Earth before the
Lord's SECOND Coming, and our King shall be enthroned upon the Rock, (SEE
Stone of Coronation) And the Stone and the Lion
of the Tribe of Judah shall roar, at our Our King David's Coronation..

What's your opinion, and '
Who will you follow'?

David Jay Jordan