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                                       Templars, Chartres, and their 2 Prophetic Pillars

The Christian Templars searched and found out the Mysteries, from the Jewish sages, Egyptians, and surrounding cultures, when they went back to
Jerusalem to fight for its liberation. And after returning to Europe, the templars built their first Temple at Chartres in France, also known as 'Notre
Dame Cathedral ' (Our Lady) It's floor plan design being an esoteric explanation of the 'Mysteries' that they learned and hence it paralleled the '
Tree of
Life'  blue print of creation. This they were taught from the 'Kabballah' the jewish 'oral tradition as passed along by Moses to his 70 elders.

It was built between  1128 and 1228 A.D.......  and supposedly on a significant location  above an ancient geophysical portal. This being on its island
in the middle of the Seinne River as it passes through Paris France. Some calling it a light-matrix in stone, because its cathedral ground corresponds to
the geometry of  Kabala Tree of Life.
SEE diagram below ....

In the cathedral, there are the three great stained-glass ROSE windows through which streams bright sunlight paralleling the Top Three Spheres of the
Kabballah. These corresponding to the trinity of Father, Mother and Son, the Pillars of Mercy, Strength and Equilibrium.. The brilliant light
illuminates the interior of the cathedral, enlightening the Sacred Center, the Tipareth or Sphere of Beauty, )Number 6). (The 'Labrinyth Vortex') ,  is
defined as the "Portal" in Kabalism.

 The Great West Doors, were sometimes called "Communion" in Kabalism, as through these the Christian pilgrims would hopefully enter into Union
with their Creator and Maker. The first design, they encountered being the Labyrinth, that was etched into the stones of the Chartres floor. The
Labyrinth not being a maze but a pathway to the Holy Center upon which a pilgrim would progress to rid him or her of worldly cares. Hence
liberating them to, HEAR from the Lord as they turned toward its 11 course sacred CENTER. ( SEE
Number 11 and Labyrinth )

  And similiar to the Tree of Life, Chartres has three pillars. A top of the left and negative pillar is Sphere 3,  known in Kabalism as "Form" and
named Binah,  the Black Mother. In Chartres this Kabalistic pillar is the Black Madonna, called Our Lady of the Pillar.  She is the womb
portal/feminine energy through which all of the material world is said to have born as her Divine Child. Just as the Holy Spirit bore the Holy
child...JESUS, the central PILLAR.

These three pillars, depicting the ancient Three Primordial Principles of Creation. Together the three pillars showing the polarities at work in creating
the spiral energy of the vortex, (
PHI spiral of Creation ) And consequently, the templars put  a representation of this vortex, by carving it into the
floor of Notre Dame.

Conclusion on
Part TWO Templars, Chartres and their Two Prophetic Pillars